Holy Week Superstitions That Every Kagay-anon Should Know

Holy Week Superstitions That Every Kagay-anon Should Know

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Most people would utterly ignore these folk belief as these are just old practices “old people” do. However, we cannot ignore that these superstitious have some kind of history and some “truth” in it. It really doesn’t hurt to follow these old traditions and no one would ever really mind if you take these actions into heart.

Superstitions are beliefs that are supernatural in nature. Sometimes it is an old practice or an old folklore that you need to follow in order for you not to be disrespectful or endangering your life or someone else’s life.

Some superstitions are just out of this world while others have practical purposes. These beliefs are formed through rites of passage or throughout family traditions and superstitions spreads out in different festivities and different season.

This Holy Week Celebration, we cannot ignore that some our Lolas and Lolos are lecturing us on what to do and what not to do. We have listed down below some superstitions that every Kagay-anon should know. It really depends on you whether you follow this or not.

Baths are not allowed during Good Friday

It may be an odd way to celebrate Holy Week but according to some old folks taking a bath at exactly 3 pm on Good Friday is considered to be a NO-NO. 3 PM is the hour of Jesus Christ’s Death so taking a bath during this time is considered unholy and according to the belief, if anyone should take a bath during this time, they said to be vulnerable for evil possessions.

Rain or Water on Easter Sunday has healing properties

If 3 PM on Good Friday is a don’t-take-a-bath-or-you-will-be-doomed kind of day, getting wet on Easter Sunday is the other way around. According to some beliefs, rain or water during Easter Sunday is considered as holy water and has some healing properties.

Decorate doors with palm or ‘Palaspas’

Although this may not be considered a superstition to some, since they grew up with ‘palaspas’ on their doors during Holy Week, however, this practice meant to ward off evil spirits that may lurk around during the hour of Christ’s passing.

Evil Spirits & Monsters are most powerful during Good Friday

BEWARE! According to some folk belief, evil spirits and monsters such as ‘Aswang’ and the likes are the most powerful during Good Friday – said to be the day of Christ’s death. Some believers used to keep themselves indoors during this time and would say their prayers all night.

If ever you got lost, you will not be found until Easter Sunday

Now this sounds crazy! But according to this folklore that if you plan to go to unfamiliar places be sure not to get lost or be sure you have some company with you because you may not be found until Easter Sunday. Don’t let this ruin your travel plans though, as long as you have someone with you – don’t let this stress you out.

Abstinence from meat 

Now, this may be considered a traditional practice that often shows respect to the death of Christ. However, some people may find it odd outside of the Catholic Religion and may find themselves questioning as to why are they abstaining from eating meat.

So Abstinence from meat whether on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday or all Fridays year round is an act of penitence in remembrance of the Friday on which Christ was crucified.

Refrain from making unnecessary noise

Probably an idea that sprouted from old folks to keep children from kidding around and making noise. But according to this superstition, noise make either wake up evil spirits or monsters (yes, we believe so to).

Some of these superstitions may even sound crazy but there is really nothing wrong if someone follows these rules. Maybe it had some practical uses and some are just a show of respect. Whatever you decide just make sure that you will not be disrespectful and just be a good observant to these traditions.

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