Homegrown Industries and Manufacturers in Cagayan de Oro

Homegrown Industries and Manufacturers in Cagayan de Oro

As the vitally recognized gateway into Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro has grown its industry and manufacturing related sector in great leaps and bounds since the 1980’s. As the Philippine’s third fastest growing city (nscb.gov.ph & Trip Advisor Philippines), its almost typhoon-free climate, improving peace and order condition, increasing tourism and business investments has made it not only a favorable investment destination for foreign and national investors but also for homegrown locals who have put up local industrial and manufacturing businesses around the city.

Not surprisingly, Cagayan de Oro has one of the largest sectors for wholesale and retail trading in a city, with a huge 54.31% (City Finance Department). The manufacturing and industrial sector occupies only 11.48% of establishments, some 4.64% of that is local or homegrown. Featured here are some of those homegrown industries in the city.

Oro Hi-Q Packaging Corporation (formerly Oro High Q Trading)

Oro Hi Q

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One of the more recent local industry players was established only in 2003 as a privately owned family corporation engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of packaging supplies all over Mindanao and even in the Visayas. It also provides the facility amenities and supplies of many hotels and restaurants in CDO as well as Davao, Zamboanga City, and other key cities in Mindanao. It has now ventured into the installation of water purification or desalination systems for water stations, laundry businesses, households, hotels and restaurants. Their manufacturing plant is located at Opol, with their sales offices at Osmena Extension and Gaabucayan corner Corrales Extensions. They also have offices in Valencia, Bukidnon; Davao; and General Santos.

BG Water Filters

Body Guard Water Purifier Provider

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BG or Body Guard Water Filters provides water filters and purifiers coming from tap water or water pumps for residential and industrial use. The technology for this water treatment system is designed and created by an all-Cagayanon team of chemists, chemical engineers, and environmental specialists, a technology so advanced that it can even remove chlorine and other microorganisms. It is presently serving local establishments such as Xavier University Grade School, Pilgrim Christian College, Terrazzo Bar and Restaurant, Maria Reyna-Xavier University Hospital, Sabal Hospital, St. John Vianney Theological School, Cagayan de Oro Christian Center, as well as more than a hundred spread all over the Philippines. BG is the recipient of the 2012 Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year given by the Water Quality Association of the Philippines. Their plant and main office is at Consolacion with a satellite office in Quezon City.

First Industrial Plastic Ventures, Inc. (FIPVI)


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FIPVI was first established in 1992 as a 70 percent owned local industry manufacturer and distributor of metal and plastic products as well as fiber-glass reinforced plastic products. Alongside manufacturing, installation, and distribution, FIPVI is now into exporting its products. They manufacture and distribute belt conveyor covers, dampers, pallets, gratings, wind mills, ducting, water closets, FRP tanks, gang chairs, sewage covers, to name just a few. They also provide on-site installations and repairs for all their fiber-reinforced plastic products. They are recently ISO 9001: 2008 compliant and they are earning a name abroad for their world class quality products. They are located at the Alwana Business Park in Cugman.

Jaybuilders’ Industries, Inc.


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Many of the old timers in CDO would remember this as the popular Cagayan Iron Works (CIW) which started as a backyard iron and welding shop making window grilles, steel windows and gates beginning in 1983. In 2009 they changed their name to Jaybuilders, and today it is one of the largest steel manufacturing and trading firms for Northern Mindanao. They now manufacture and install roll up doors, ecoshutters, polycarbonate roll up doors, metal flush doors, metal jambs, stainless railings, stainless signage, phenolic partitions, and steel gates. Some local clientele include Maxandrea Hotel, Dynasty Court Hotel, DPWH Region X, Our Lady of Dela Paz Chapel, Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST), Capitol University, CKY Center, Primavera Residences, Camella Homes, Kong Hua Auditorium, Concentrix, Gateway Tower, Koresco Hotel, and Gaisano City Mall. This just goes to show how a simple business with humble beginnings can make it big even as a local industry. Their main office is in Patag with a satellite office in Gusa.

Alwana Wood Products

Located at the Alwana Business Park in Cugman, AWP was founded back in 1980. Many of its products use sustainable and recycled wood materials, making this the company’s contribution to environmental preservation. They engage in wood processing and recovery of lumbers (Kiln drying, machining, dimension softwood, finger jointing) as well as the manufacture of parquet floors, ply boards, briquettes, specialized mouldings, joinery and millwork for doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, and other interior wood products. It is the main provider of wood products for construction, commercial, and recreational purposes with AJ Land Construction and Development Corporation as well as the whole Alwana Village and Alwana Business Park complex, including the Marco Hotel.

Paras Machinery Works Corporation

Surprisingly a not-so-familiar company in the city since the Paras name is mostly associated with cable television, white water rafting, and the food service business. Originally a mechanical garage shop in Mabini Street, it eventually moved to its present location along Julio Pacana Street in Licoan as a small machinery shop and growing through the years. From a humble machine shop, Paras Machinery has expanded to include all types of engine rebuilding such as crankshaft regrinding, connecting rod resizing, cold welding, valve refacing, valve guide refacing, and other metal fabrication. It has now expanded to have a branch shop in Iligan City.

UKC Builders, Inc.

UKC Builders

Image Source | www.facebook.com/ukcbuilders

Established in 1988 as a construction firm originally at Don Carlos, Bukidnon, by the following year it moved shop to Tablon in CDO where it currently still stands. From a sole proprietorship, it converted to a corporation in 1994. Together with its affiliate company, Techno Stress Systems Corporation, it is now one of the leading construction firms in Northern Mindanao, providing pre-stressed concrete products such as solid square piles, sheet piles, double tee slabs, u-beams, pre-stressed bridge girders, and spun poles. They also provide equipment such as hydraulic static pile drivers, hydraulic hammers, graders, payloaders, cranes, backhoes, and road rollers.


In truth, many Cagayanons think that even the industries mentioned above aren’t homegrown. But the fact is that Cagayan de Oro has advanced so much that many enterprising locals have spun their entrepreneurial ideas into reality, often starting off small and humble but eventually growing into industry and manufacturing establishments that other businesses in the city and Northern Mindanao can come to depend on. Perhaps soon Cagayan de Oro can evolve into an industrial center with more local manufacturers and industries coming into play.

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