House Body Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

House Body Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

House of Representatives approves medical Marijuana Bill


The House of Representatives Committee on Health has approved House Bill No. 180 otherwise known as the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act which puts forward the legalization of the use of Cannabis or Marijuana plant as a remedy for several serious medical conditions.

According to an article from, the bill was formulated by Isabela Congressman Rodolfo Albina to start the establishment of Department of Health (DOH) approved Medical Cannabis Centers (MCC) in various state hospitals throughout the country where marijuana can be sold and distributed to qualified patients and caregivers.

The bill also emphasizes that the distribution and selling of the drug should only be done by a pharmacist with an S3 license from the Philippine Drug Agency (PDEA). In addition, it also allows the use of marijuana in scientific and medical research exclusively at Medical Cannabis Research and Safety Compliance Facilities which will be created through the provision of the bill.

The bill also requires that patients with serious medical conditions should secure certification from their doctors and should present DOH-released Identification Cards.

Furthermore, PDEA will be tasked to do the monitoring and regulation of research and medical institutions in connection with the marijuana-related activities.


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