Pinay Olympian Ian Lariba Receives Coaching Offer

Pinay Olympian Ian Lariba Receives Coaching Offer

Ian “Yan-Yan” Lariba: A kagay-anon and the first ever Filipino Table Tennis Olympian is still recovering from her acute myeloid leukemia. Her family and the members of Philippine Table Tennis Federation are hoping that her healing process will improve faster.

According to an article by, Lariba revealed her progress when she visited the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex weeks after she got discharged.

PTTF President, Ting Ledesma expressed that they desire to see Lariba play again soon. Not only because of her skills but mostly due to the huge inspiration she brought to those who aspire to challenge the world of table tennis.

Ledesma also stated that if ever Lariba wants to be of service to the sports community, they are ready to give her the role of being the national coach of table tennis.

When Lariba was asked regarding the offer, she just told the press that she is happy to hear this and smiled. She also expressed her gratitude to the city of Cagayan de Oro, the government, private sector and especially to the International Federation of Table Tennis for gathering 30,000 dollars worth of funds.

Lariba is now currently recuperating and undergoing day-to-day medical procedures after the success of her bone marrow transplant against leukemia.


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