INC vs Leila de Lima – Can This Cost Her A Seat in the Senate?

INC vs Leila de Lima – Can This Cost Her A Seat in the Senate?

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The dispute between the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) members and former justice secretary Leila de Lima has been deepening since her involvement in the case concerning INC’s prominent personalities last year.

It was reported on Thursday, May 5, that INC leaders have requested local candidates to remove De Lima in their sample ballots.

De Lima’s exclusion in the list of Senatorial Candidates that the INC community endorsed could cost her seat in the senate. Her conflict in August last year against INC began when she choose to pursue the case that the expelled INC minister Isaias Samson Jr filed against INC leaders.

She was considered by the INC community as a nuisance of interfering with their problem, wanting their leaders to be arrested.

A 5-day rally had erupted in Manila and through EDSA requested De Lima to leave her post for them to stop. But the protest ended when the Aquino government ignored the case.

During that time, De Lima has also announced her plan to run for Senate under the Liberal Party (LP).

On a list that has been revealed by INC on who are the senatorial candidates that they are supporting, it was indeed seen that De Lima was not on the list.

In the Recent senatorial survey made by the ABS-CBN, De Lima placed 7th-12th place. Will her conflict against the INC drop her off the race?

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