Who is Ka Bert? Election Anomalies Revealed?

Who is Ka Bert? Election Anomalies Revealed?

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Election anomalies have been revealed as the VCM operator named Ka Bert speaks about the cheating that happened in Quezon province, particularly in Lucena City, where votes have been manipulated coming off from all the areas in the province.

“At first, I thought it would only be a monitoring center or war room so I didn’t think of anything,” – said Ka Bert, a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, and the whistleblower of the Quezon province voting anomaly.

Primarily, computer and other office equipment were the only items placed inside the warehouse. Yet, on the week before the elections, nine vote counting machines (VCMs) were placed inside the warehouse.

“That’s when I wondered why we had those VCMs. And when I asked about it, I was told that I should not question it because the order was from the top,” said Ka Bert.

Nine information technology experts tested the machines. Five of them coming off from Smartmatic and four of them are from the province.

The VCMs are turned on during the elections and it did receive transmissions from the voting precincts. These votes are being changed before they were transmitted to the transparency server.

“They changed the votes and put it in the names of other candidates,” Ka Bert added.

Votes of Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe, and Vice President Jejomar Binay were shaved off to be placed in the count under Roxas. Yet, according to Ka Bert, the highest shaving happened on the vice-presidential race where the votes of Bong Bong Marcos have been transferred to Leni Robredo.

Ka Bert told the media, “For Duterte 300,000 votes were reduced and for Binay and Poe, 200,000 each. But for Marcos votes, 500,000 were taken.”

In Quezon province, Robredo outlasted Marcos, winning with 385,164 votes over Marcos’ 173,394 votes.

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