12 Things Only Kagay-anon Book Lovers Would Understand

12 Things Only Kagay-anon Book Lovers Would Understand

There are different book lovers because of the different forms, genres, and authors that each book lover will always love and follow. But no matter what a book lover is reading, book lovers will always share certain common traits, even if the book lovers are Kagay-anons.

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Occasionally, book lovers get their share of questioning looks as if they have been left behind by technology with a book in hand instead of a smartphone or tablet. But only book lovers will understand the different worlds and alternate realities that exist only between the book and the mind. Still, there are just a few quirks with specific book lovers that identify where they come from.

Local books are rare so they get snapped up in a flash

Not many people realize that there is still a considerable number of book lovers in Cagayan de Oro who just love to read up on local history. Unfortunately, books on local CDO history or stories are quite rare, and the few that have come out through the years since the 1970’s have been snapped up a long time ago and won’t be found in any bookstore.

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So what CDO book lovers do? Taking great advantage of technology, mind you – is to form groups and communicate with each other if a rare local book is around. This is then borrowed or reproduced so others can have a share of the reading. So far, only the large libraries in the city’s universities have public copies of these rare books. One example is Reuben R. Canoy’s The Counterfeit Revolution about the corruption of the Marcos dictatorship and The Quest for Mindanao Independence.

You become worried when you’re almost at the end of a book and you don’t have anything new yet

Book lovers always have at least one book in their bag or backpack that they carry around to read when they’re not reading it at home. Unfortunately, most book lovers read so fast since that’s their nature and before they know it they’ve ended the book and they have nothing new to read.

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For the next couple of days while searching for a new read, something like “book itch” takes over since the hands have no books to grasp.

Your non-book lover friends always wonder why you always suggest meeting up at the bookstore

While your friends will always suggest meeting in a coffee shop or a certain corner of the mall, book lovers will always suggest meeting up at a bookstore (here in CDO, the most obvious bookstore will always be National).

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The reason, of course, is that the book lover comes an hour earlier so he or she can check out the latest titles or to see if there’s a sale.

You highlight favorite lines or quotes

And not only do book lovers highlight, sometimes they even make notes in the book. A few book lovers we know have notebooks full of favorite lines and quotes.

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Even in a book lover’s social media pages they will occasionally quote lines from a book that their friends think is a quote from a movie.

Book lovers dream of meeting their favorite author, or become one

All book lovers (yes, all, and you’re not one if you don’t pass this test) dream of meeting their favorite authors, and have them sign your book.

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Unfortunately if their favorite author is Joanne K. Rowling, OBE, or Tom Clancy, so instead they become budding authors of their own by writing their own books or creating a blog.

When Kagay-anon book lovers take a trip, they would rather visit bookstores than tourist spots

Yes, these book lovers know where F. Sionil Jose’s bookstore is on Padre Faura or have access to the Filipiniana section of the Ateneo de Manila.

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Besides, you can’t buy a book at the beach so they know where the good bookstores are in the big cities. Also, whenever they enter a big mall like SM Seaside Cebu or MOA, a bookstore acts like a magnet to genuine book lovers.

When a book lover moves house, they would rather give away old clothes and other essentials, but the book collection is untouched

Many book lovers we know will rummage through all their personal things to give away old clothes and even essentials before moving to a new house. But mention anything about donating their old books and they’ll give you a blank or disconcerting glare. Never, ever, mention to book lovers about getting rid of their books, no matter how old.

A bookshelf is the essential next to a book

Observe closely how book lovers hunt for furniture. The first thing they always consider are bookshelves; and not just any bookshelves, because these have to be sturdy and will last many years.

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They will spend much on bookshelves as much as they will spend on a good bed or dining table.

When your favorite book is turned into a play, your analytical mind kicks in

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a favorite book. If any popular book is turned into a film, a book lover makes sure to see it.

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Afterwards, you launch into critical discussions with friends or fellow book lovers about the film and the book.

Book lovers know where all the book sales are

They know where all the book sales are and all the stores that sell used books. They even know about the book sales at colleges and universities during these school’s foundation days.  They can even smell if a garage sale in the city contains used books.

Book lovers grew up with a real dictionary

Even in this age of search engines and apps, real book lovers grew up with a physical dictionary like those who grew up before the internet. For them, using the dictionary is not a struggle, and this has helped them in reading even the most complicated of English-language books.

Real book lovers have a private library

This is the part where the bookshelves come in. While it’s nice to have an e-book collection, real book lovers have a real private library and even have their own way of arranging their collection. In fact, the older the book, the better the smell, because there is something about reading a book with that old and musty smell.

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