Kagay-anon Date on a Budget: How to Be Breezy on Valentine’s Day

Kagay-anon Date on a Budget: How to Be Breezy on Valentine’s Day


Kagay-anon Date on a Budget- How to Be Breezy on Valentine's Day

Just a few days before the most celebrated day among sweet lovers, official or not. Valentine’s Day is undeniably one of the most anticipated day-long celebration worldwide. Even single people celebrate along with their circle of friends and families. Meaning, no one is exempted in celebrating this coming Heart’s Day.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, it is official that love is in the air. Noticeably, couples publicly show their affection through HHWW or holding hands while walking, establishments are adorned with decorations hinted with red and heart figures, and radio stations play numerous love songs serenading every attentive listeners.

date on a budget

Some of the couples nowadays spend this day of hearts at restaurants, malls, resorts, cinemas and the likes. These activities mostly require a big budget. But how about for those who just want to enjoy the Valentine’s Day out of their budget? Sure, we have a list for you.

1. Parks instead of Malls… para BREEZY!

One thing’s certain, malls these coming days will be flooded with people. Mostly lovers then those with families. They’ll be watching at the cinemas there, most probably, the Deadpool movie. Then dine at restaurants, with menu prices that range from five hundred to a thousand pesos. Later, buy gifts at clothing shops with price tags showing an amount equal to the price of your whole outfit combined. And more.

But think about parks. Gaston Park near St. Augustine’s Cathedral and Vicente de Lara Park (former MacArthur Park) fronting the Provincial Capitol. Well-known parks of Cagayan de Oro that were renovated for the people’s convenience and need for a place to hangout, day or night.

Gaston Park Musical Fountain CDO

Image Source | www.lapasan-myblognoel145.blogspot.com

Gaston Park

This park fronting the old water tank turned City Museum of Cagayan de Oro and is near St. Augustine’s Cathedral was named honoring Segundo Gaston who first became municipal president of Cagayan de Misamis in 1916-1919 before becoming governor of Misamis Oriental on 1923-1925. And just last December, its fountain was given more function as a musical fountain. It dazzled the viewers during the Christmas eve. And currently, works has been resumed including the re-painting of the floor with color blue.

Whenever the mass has ended in the Cathedral, most of the people stays at the Gaston Park to enjoy the fountain, spend some chitchats with friends and just appreciate the surrounding while taking seats on the rounded islands.

date on a budget

Image Source | www.libotero.com/

Vicente de Lara Park

Named formerly as MacArthur Park honoring General Douglas MacArthur after escaping from Corregidor enroute to Australia, Vicente de Lara Park is located in front of the Provincial Capitol building. It was named after a provincial governor with the name Vicente de Lara. Since then, it was a favorite place for people to jog and stroll day or night. Then when it was renovated given with lights and monuments, it became more known among Kagay-anons.

There are events that do happen here usually during special holidays and occasions, causes and leagues also. Vicente de Lara Park is more appreciated during night where lights are being lit giving the park a soothing and romantic vibe.

2. Milk Tea Shops instead of Coffee Shops… para BREEZY!

Coffee shops do offer satisfying high quality blended coffee drinks. That’s given. Yet they tend to be more expensive as what I have observed. I am a confessed coffee drinker and I do love sipping coffees of some of the popular coffee shops here in Cagayan de Oro, but we’re talking about budget here. And speaking of, milk tea shops can save you. And here at the city, there are a lot of milk tea shops that since has sprouted. To name some, here are the following.

Kenko Naicha Tea Lounge

Image Source | www.littlemisswayfarer.blogspot.com

Kenko Naicha Tea Lounge

This tea shop may seem foreign for you but actually is being owned by Kagay-anons. Kenko Naicha Tea Lounge is a home-grown milk tea shop here in the city offering healthy milk tea drinks made with all-natural products having no preservatives and artificial additives. Aside of their refreshing milk tea drinks, they also have other other products that you can enjoy.

They have 6 branches here in Cagayan de Oro from Ayala Centrio Mall, Rustan’s Supermarket (Centrio Mall), SM City Mall, Limketkai Center Mall, Carmen (first floor of Vista del Rio Building at the corner of Waling-Waling Street and Patag Road), and at One Yoga Wellness (located at the 2nd floor of the LT Fraternal Building, Apolinar Velez Street corner San Agustin Street). 2 other branches hail in Iligan City and in Laguindingan Airport. See, no excuses that you can’t bring your lover at these branches this coming Valentine’s Day.

Chingkeetea Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea

Image Source | Facebook: Chingkeetea page


When tea meets art, that’s what Chingkeetea is all about. This Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea shop has two branches in the city. The main is located along Arch. Hayes Street near Viajero Outdoor Center while the other branch is at Grand Central along Arch. Hayes Street near Divisoria (Ground Floor right beside Juicery). Their shops are unique ever since being known for incorporating their interior designs with “anything”. From beautiful teacups, scrapbooks, old chairs, framed or painted quotes on walls, etc overwhelmingly covering all the corners of their shops.

Think of how romantic it is for your other half especially when he/she likes art a lot. Then having Chingkeetea as your destination this Valentine’s Day is an option.

3. Silence instead of Noise… para BREEZY! Lisud sad!

Some couples prefer serene and silent places. They seem to be more connected with each other when the venue is calm plus, knowledge giving. I’m pertaining to libraries and museums. The question, why not have them as Valentine’s Day to-go places? Perfect for those lovers who -if not both- are information geeks.

Image Source | Facebook: Study Nook page

Image Source | Facebook: Study Nook page

Study Nook

Requiring you to just pay 25 pesos for the hour and 20 pesos for the succeeding hours, any person could think that this is heaven sent. Well, for those digitally-inclined persons who got tired of spending time at expensive coffee shops. But for those who are students that have exams after Valentine’s Day, then this place is for you. At least you can spend time with your bf/gf while studying or doing work. Though noise is strictly prohibited as respect for those whom you are with.

During Mondays-Saturdays, they are open from 1:00 PM to 3:00 AM while 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM on Sundays. Might as well see you on Sunday, that’s Valentine’s Day!

city museum of cagayan de oro

Image Source | www.facebook.com/pages/Cagayan-de-Oro-City-Museum

City Museum of Cagayan de Oro

The City Museum of Cagayan de Oro was a Water Tank Tower in the past. Built in 1922, it got renovated in 2008 under former mayor Constantino Jaraula as a museum. It is recognized by the city government as a National Museum of the Philippines for its “adaptive reuse of a heritage site” and named by the city council as the oldest structure standing in the city which had endured bombings during World War II.

The City Museum is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., though it is closed on weekends and holidays. In this case, you can have your date on February 12 (that’s Friday) or the day after Valentine’s Day (that’s Monday on February 15, 2015).

4. Nature Trip instead of going to a Movie House… para BREEZY!

Bring your lover on a trip with nature now that Facebook and Instagram is very popular pertaining to posting images online. Taking pictures with the nature on the background sure is great! More when you are together side by side doing wacky faces. Sounds so sweet! But the question is, where to go? Well, inquiry answered!

Eden's Solace CDO - date on a budget

Image Source | www.govimurillo.com

Eden’s Solace instead of High Ridge

Eden’s Solace might not be familiar to you but is a great option aside of High Ridge in terms of budget. Yes. For only 20 pesos as an entrance fee, you can get to enjoy the overlooking view of the surrounding suburbs of the city and a sunset view. Entrance is located along Macasandig-Indahag road going to Cepalco Solar Plant.

So if you want to spend time with your other half where you can write poems while enjoying the overlooking view and the afternoon sunset, have it this Valentine’s Day!

Mapawa Nature Park CDO - date on a budget

Image Source | www.sportales.com

Mapawa Nature Park

A part of a 2,500 hectare property that is protected, conserved and sustainably managed in Malasag, Cagayan de Oro is the Mapawa Nature Park. An option for those couples who are confessed nature lovers who want to get out of the bustling city.

They have activities to offer such as obstacle courses, zipline, horseback riding, canyoneering and among others. Bring your other half this Valentine’s day to share an unforgettable nature tripping.

Opol Beach CDO - date on a budget

Image Source | www.tixik.com

Opol Beach instead of Pool Resorts

Offer the vastness of the sea to your lover this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the salty waters and bathe under the heat of the sun with him/her or with the whole family at the Opol Beach. With cheap entrance fee allowing you to bring with you your preferred foods, you can have a worry-free moments with your other half. You can also get to witness a stunning sunset with him/her beside you. Just wish that it won’t rain.

Taguanao Bridge - date on a budget

Image Source | www.traveltabai.com/

Jogging at Pueblo de Oro or Biking at Taguanao

Prefer doing physical activities with your bf/gf this Valentine’s Day? Get physically fit while being in love with your partner by jogging at Pueblo de Oro or biking at Taguanao Bridge.

food pasalubong in cagayan de oro muron

Image Source | Nanay Choleng’s Muron Facebook Page

5. Muron instead of Toblerone… para BREEZY!

This dessert was awarded as one of Lifestyle Best Desserts of 2015. Nanay Choleng’s Muron has been a favorite ever since it was introduced to more consumers gaining good praises. You can avail a single piece or a box of it at Ayala Centrio Mall. I’m being certain that your bf/gf will love the heavenly taste of Muron.

Donatello's Foods

Image Source | www.facebook.com/eltonladd.batinga

6. Donatello’s Kitchen instead of Italianni’s Restaurant… para BREEZY!

Both craving for italian dishes but on a budget? Think about Italianni’s Restaurant the next time, have Donatello’s Kitchen’s platter dishes on Valentine’s Day. Open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on weekdays and close longer on weekends, this “create your own platter food cart” is located at  the Divisoria Arcade on R.N. Abejuela Street (beside Dunkin Donuts).

With grilled chicken as their main thrust, you can choose from selected sauces, side dishes and drinks. Who would not love a taste of Italian dishes on a budget?

Artworks as gift rather than flowers - date on a budget

Image Source | www.valentinecraft-couples.rhcloud.com

7. Artworks instead of Flowers.. para BREEZY!

Boys, not all girls prefer flowers. Some of them like it more when what they’ll be receiving this Valentine’s Day are given efforts, may cost much lesser and more personal. Forget about flowers, be creative for the coming Valentine’s date!

You can think of things that are easy to do using available materials present in your homes. Make a personalized Valentine’s greeting card. It’s not “baduy”, trust me, they’re going to appreciate it much. Or draw them a portrait sketch, or a caricature if you’re not that into sketching. You don’t have to be a master of drawing but knowing that you’ve exerted effort, they’re going to accept your drawing heartily, beautiful or not quite. Or make paper roses. They don’t get wilt, unless getting wet. Just something new and unique other than the usual flowers for Valentine’s Day, it’ll make their day.

ride in a motorela - date on a budget

8. Jeepney/Motorela/Sikad instead of Taxi… hastang BREEZY-ha!

Let’s say today is already Valentine’s day and definitely, you are in a tight budget. Of course, riding a vehicle is necessary for the both of you to meet and spend some time anywhere from the places and ideas that were mentioned above. Riding a taxi may seem like convenient for you and your bf/gf but you’re in a budgeted date. So that could be silly. Riding a jeepney, motorela or sikad are your options.

It could be a new experience for your bf/gf to ride these said on-the-budget transport vehicles. And NOTE, that riding them can never ruin your Valentine’s day. So when your lover demands for a taxi ride, take him/her on a jeep/motorela/sikad ride. Otherwise, walk. That could mean more talk. Now, that’s sweet.

date on a budget

What else? Well, actually, it really depends on both of you. You are the only ones who know where do you want to go and what you prefer to do. As long as you’re together, still, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day. BUT, really, it must be fun doing these ideas for a date on a budget. Para BREEZY ba!

 Make up your day by watching this BREEZY video!
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