Kagay-anon Tips On How To Stay Cool This Hot Summer

Kagay-anon Tips On How To Stay Cool This Hot Summer

Kagay-anon Tips on How To Stay Cool This Hot Summer

Kagay-anons usually spend the summer season going to the beach or diving into pools at resorts just to stay cool. But with the existing pandemic, the public is advised to just stay at home to at least lessen the spread of the virus.

Considering the health and safety protocols set by the authorities, there are still many ways on how we, Kagay-anons, can enjoy and have fun this summer.

Wear breathable clothes

If you are at home, wear as little clothing as possible. Opt for those that are lightweight, loose-fitting, and light colored. With regards to the fabrics, choose cotton, linen, or silk as they work best allowing the skin to breath and in absorbing sweat.

For kids, let them wear terno clothes so they can move comfortably while playing without the worry of sweating.

Let the breeze cool down

One of the first things you do when the sun’s up and it starts to heat up is to open the windows and catch a breeze, right? This does help but generally, you are just letting the hot air in.

Cool the air down by placing a damp sheet over the window. The cold water will help cool the air giving you a cooler breeze.

Drink something cold

Staying hydrated is what you need, especially when the weather’s hot. Get a freezing glass of water or other beverages to cool your body’s temperature.

Know that you can be creative by concocting your own fruit drink recipe, refreshing herbs in ice cube trays, or frozen berries to add in your beverages.

How about some passion fruit drink? Get it from Ice & Lemon which is only available until May 30.

Fan into a homemade air conditioner

Sitting next to a fan may help but actually not when it’s just blowing hot air. Why not try to turn it into a homemade air conditioner?

Get a bowl of ice or cold water bottles and place them in front of your fan to cool the air down.

Get wet

Can’t visit a pool resort? Stay at home and take a cold shower. It will help you cool down which will leave you feeling great for an hour or more.

Or you can get a bucket of cold water where you can put in your feet to cool you down.

How do you stay cool during the summer season? Might as well share your experiences with us!

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