Kagay-Anon Winset Jacot Debuts in ACADEO with ‘Kung Pwede Na Kung Pwede Pa’

Kagay-Anon Winset Jacot Debuts in ACADEO with ‘Kung Pwede Na Kung Pwede Pa’

February, the month of love, just the perfect month for love songs to a lullaby in love couples. From hugot to cheesy love songs, people would still listen to them all. No doubt, Winset Jacot decided to introduce herself with her very own ‘Kung Pwede Na Kung Pwede Pa.’

Who is Winset Jacot?

The 26-year-old Kagay-anon Winset Rose Jacot is already a local celebrity in Cagayan De Oro. She is a singer/songwriter whose passion is making great music with hits like “I Still Do” and “Gugma pa More”, which not only gives her fans something good to hear. She also constantly develops her art through indie music videos which aim to help push CDO indie music to a wider market.

Winset (Or Bimbitz) to her friends, is also a nurse by profession while she serves as the voice of one of CDO’s best acoustic bands, “Vital Signs”.  

Her music is now already being played on many radio stations across Visayas and Mindanao.

Kung Pwede Na Kung Pwede Pa

“Kung pwede na Kung pwede pa” is a story about the what ifs of a love that might have been.

Jamie is the best friend of Donelle (Male lead), who happens to be secretly in love with Donelle – while he finds his heart belonging to someone else. A certain stranger, Adyth that caught his eyes in a certain fruit shake stand. Being strangers then became a thing of the past, and eventually, the two (Donelle and Adyth) grew closer to each other. When both decided to finally give what they had a chance, something happened that led Donelle to a decision that changes the course of their destined love story.

It’s a story of chances and circumstances. It’s a love story, many can relate to.

Hope to see more talented local artist like her in music industry. You can follow her on her official facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Winset-Jacot-1823054514636013/. Proudly Kagay-anon!

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