Kagay-Anon Web Series NBSB ‘No Boyfriend Since Birth’ will make waves online today

Kagay-Anon Web Series NBSB ‘No Boyfriend Since Birth’ will make waves online today

Fond of hugot lines? Those hopeless romantic antics you always see online? Remember how funny those were and how you can actually relate to it? Well, this web series is about some of those things and those that are in between.

Image Source: Salida Facebook Page

Image Source: Salida Facebook Page

Kagay-anons would surely fall in love with this Bisaya teen comedy series. Airing online today, NBSB or the “No Boyfriend Since Birth” is about finding love with the wrong set of friends – well they’re actually your best friends, however, falling in love with a person, your best friends have fallen also , might not just be the greatest idea.

Meet Kathlyn (Amanda Grunwald) ‘the religious nerd,’ who has two gorgeous yet unlucky best friends named Kassy (Pamela Bagares) ‘the emo actress’ and Karla (Andrea Ebajay) ‘the sexy flirt. The three typically grew up together; they became neighbors, seatmates, classmates, and they do things together, and like bread and butter these three has the same experience as to never having a boyfriend ever, never ever.

Meet Caleb (Bonjour Adaza) mysterious yet charming. The guy, ‘KKK’ (Kathlyn, Kassy, Karla), would fall in love with. The audience would truly be curious about his character and would yet to find out if love really wins in this web series.

Who would win Caleb’s heart? Well, follow their journey.

Kagay-anons would surely love this original Bisaya web series and this is the first of its kind.

Check out NBSB’s cool and hip first episode below.

How NBSB started?

Director Cloyd Winstanley narrated how a simple idea turned into the inspiration for this web series. He noted that his friend, Che Roa,  inspired the whole story as it relates to her life experiences. Though he did some alterations about the idea from Che, he still sticks to a story about the three best friends. Cloyd then started to scout possible artists and wrote the script for the first episode for 30 minutes.

Cast of NBSB

Amanda Grunwald as Kathlyn

Pamela Bagares as Kassy

Andrea Ebajay as Karla

Bonjour Adaza as Caleb

These gorgeous and handsome casts were scouted from MOST “Metro Oro Stars and Talents” which is managed by Alvin Adaza. They are actually performers and models here in CDO.

Many Kagay-anons will surely relate to this cute story about love and friendship. They could relate to the different characters or they could really relate to this kind of situation who belongs to the no boyfriend since birth squad. But let’s not forget to support this series as it is proudly Kagay-anon, let’s share and appreciate our fellow Kagay-anons and be known nationally or even internationally. Proud Bisaya, Proud Kagay-anon! Tsada!

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