Kapamilya PBB Teens Mayward, Kisses and Marco took Centrio stage by storm

Kapamilya PBB Teens Mayward, Kisses and Marco took Centrio stage by storm


Kapamilya Love Teams live in Centrio Ayala Mall (MayWard and KissMarc) source: Centrio Official Page

Last Sunday, Kapamilya Love Teams rocks Centrio Ayala Mall! The supporters of MayWard (Maymay Entrata and Edward Baber) and KissMarc (Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo) from different places gathered early in Centrio Activity Center to see their beloved Kapamilya Stars.


source: Centrio Official Page

Despite the bulk of people inside, and you can’t even move since everyone was excited to see their faces, the fans still manage to wait several hours just to see them where they occupy the ground floor until the 3rd floor bringing tarpaulins and posters.

The Kapamilya love teams stayed at the backstage and every time it opened, all the people would scream believing that the stars are coming out, but actually, they’re wrong since the staffs were busy coming in and out.

Until the emcee announced that the stars are ready, it’s like all the people want to devour the place, yelling, jumping, and tapping the bars. They were advised to stay calm until the last second of the activity or the management will cancel the show.


source: Centrio Official Page

Marco first came out, serenade the audience by singing Simpleng Tulad Mo. Kisses came after, singing Blank Space, later she introduced the most important person in her life- her mother. Kisses guide her to the stage and gave the sincerest message to her mom while her dad stayed on the side taking video. And they have a duet with Marco that makes the audience more intense.


source: Centrio Official Page

Afterward, Edward came out sang two songs. In the middle of his song, he saw the grandmother of Maymay and approach her while doing “mano” that makes the audience feel so kilig!  And the pride of Cagayan-Maymay came out singing Future Husband. MayWard sang Lucky, doing sweet gestures that result to the yelling of the fans as if they’re gonna run over the audiences by breaking the bars that surrounded the stage.

And they ended the event by singing Baliw na Baliw and thanking the people who made the event possible and especially the fans came from different places.


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