‘Larong Pambata’ Games We can Teach our Kids this Summer

‘Larong Pambata’ Games We can Teach our Kids this Summer


Kids nowadays are always hooked on their gadgets. They always look for the newest gaming application or the newest console games. The problem is some of these addicting games limits their activities inside their bedroom and they aren’t physically active as they should be.

According to some research, children face isolation from social activities when they are always on their phones. While these games might be intellectually stimulating, kids should be kids and should be playing outside and explore their environment.

During the era where there are no mobile phones and internet, kids those days play a lot of what we call ‘Larong Pambata’ or Larong Kalye. Those street games we enjoy during summer whenever we had a vacation break. So we’ve listed down some below that you might want to teach your children.


  1. Patintero

source: pinoyrebyu.files.wordpress.com

The “Harangang Taga” game, players will be divided into two teams, the first team will try to cross on the water line (the perpendicular line was drawn with divisions depending on the number of players from water) without letting it touch or caught them. Each player will stand in each water lines to guard the players upon crossing. If one member of the group is tag, the whole group will be it. If a member can go till the last water line without catching, the group will get 1 point, if not the other group will gain the point.


  1. Luksong Lubid
Luksong Lubid

source: mugstoria.com

The Chinese Garter game, players will be divided into two teams, each group will require two members to hold each end of the stretched garter horizontally while the player will jump over it. The game’s goal is to not trip on the garter. The game starts while the garter is on the ankle and it gets higher and higher in each round. The higher the garters, the higher for the players to leap and land on the other side. When a player tripped, the other players will save that person in order to go back on the game. If the players can’t, the group will switch the players to it and it to players.


  1. Taguan

source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

It is called “Hide and Seek” in English, this game can be played during daytime and more exciting during nighttime. One ‘It’ is required and the other members are players. After counting 30, players will find a place for hiding and ‘It’ player will go around and find them. This game is played better in wide places with trees and tall grasses.


  1. Trumpo

source: ih1.redbubble.net

This game is called Whipping Top. It is played by winding or twisting a string around the body (iron nail body) and throw to land spinning on its point. If the string is attached to a stick the rotation can be maintained by whipping the side of the body. The game is done in large grounds where several players spin their tops, the last player who’s top is left spinning among the rest will win.


  1. Sipa

source: langyaw.com

This is also called kick game or Sepak Takraw which is the traditional game of the Filipinos. The material being used is made of colorful straw or torn plastics connected to a bottle cover. The mechanics of the games is to throw the ‘sipa’ and toss it by the player’s hand or foot. One ‘It’ player is required and the player must count the number of tosses, in order to meet the required. Failure to meet the required counts will be the next it.


  1. Bahay-bahayan

source: lh4.googleusercontent.com

This is a role-playing game where kids act as members of the family (father, mother, Kuya, ate and bunso). They made their house, do routines like a family such as cooking, working, studying, going to church, etc.


  1. Jack en Poy
Jack en Poy

source: lh6.ggpht.com

This game is also called “Rock-paper-scissors” which is played by two players who will beat the hand gesture of the other player like stones beat scissors, scissors beat paper and so on with a jingle “Jack-en-poy, hali, hali hoy! Sinong matalo siya’ng unggoy!” that makes everything so fun!


  1. Luksong Baka
Luksong Baka

source: cheatslist.com

This game is also called jump over a cow that can be played by many. One ‘It’ will crouch while the other players jump over him or her. After the first round, when all the players jump successfully, it will go higher and higher to make the game more exciting. If the players failed to jump over and land on the other side, he/she will be the next it.


  1. Luksong Tinik
Luksong Tinik

source: larong-pinoy.weebly.com

This game is also called jump over the thorns and somewhat similar with Luksong Baka but the players jump over the two ‘It’ players that serve as the base. They face each other and put their foot together and hands (when the first round is done). Players are divided into two teams when the first group failed to jump across the thorns, they will be the next it.


  1. Palo Sebo
Palo Sebo

source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

This game is also called greased bamboo pole climbing which the bamboo pole is greased and the player will attempt to climb and get the bag of prize at the top, this might be a money or food. This game usually occured in fiestas where several players join.


  1. Syato

source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

This game includes two players (Player A and B), they use two sticks, the short and long stick. Player A serves as the hitter and Player B serves as the catcher. First round,  Player A will put the small stick to the hole in the ground and throw it by using the long stick, if Player B fails to catch the stick, points for Player A depending on the distance of the small stick.

On the second round, Player B will throw the small stick in the air and Player A must hit the stick, failure to hit the stick, the points will go to Player B and will be the next player but if not, proceed to the third and final round.

Third round, Player A will put the small stick slanting on the hole in the ground, hit it (twice or thrice, etc) when in the air, the more hits hot is equivalent to more points. If Player B failed to catch the small stick, Player A wins! The punishment of the loser depend on the winner, he/she hits the small stick, the further it goes the loser will start screaming “Syato” to the starting point.


  1. Taya

source: 2.bp.blogspot.com

The simplest game in the street which is also called tag. One ‘It’ player versus the other players, the ‘It’ will run after the player and catch them when she/he touches a player upon saying “taya” or tag, that player will be the next ‘it.’


  1. Langit Lupa
Langit Lupa

source: balay.ph

This game is also called heaven and earth where one ‘It’ is required and the other players will stand in higher places in the ground like chairs, rocks, a table that serve as langit or heaven. The players can freely run on the ground but when ‘it’ catches someone, he.she will be the next ‘it.’


  1. Tumbang Preso
Tumbang Preso

source: 1.bp.blogspot.com

This game requires one ‘It’ and more than 5 players, a tin can as the prisoner and slippers or shoes for each player for “pamato”. The ‘it’ player will guard the can and the players will try to hit it, whenever anyone can hit it, the ‘it’ player must put the can in an upright position before tagging other players, if the ‘it’ catches anyone, he/she will be the next it. When players can’t hit the can, the ‘it’ must count 1-3 and they will run, whoever the ‘it’ player catches will be the next ‘it’ or if there is a pamato landed too close to the can, the ‘it’ player will tap the pamato and the owner will be the next ‘it.’


  1. Piko

source: balay.ph

This game is also called hopscotch where players will draw a box with divisions depending on the style the players want. They stand on the edge of the box, the first player will go first up to the last player. Whoever finishes the last back will win.

These are some of the Laro ng Lahi that we Filipino had and enjoyed when we’re young. For those who have kids, you can introduce these games to them, they might get interested in it. Perhaps computer games and android games are cool but let’s not forget the essence of playing outside in the street and enjoying the nature since it is the best playground in the world. Give them the opportunity to enjoy the gift from God, as what we believed “minsan lang sila maging bata”.


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