Lists of Ice Cream Shops to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Lists of Ice Cream Shops to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month


Here in the Philippines, it is either a wet or a dry season but after all the changes the earth has gone through, our weather is becoming unpredictable. In Cagayan de Oro alone, the weather could breeze a warm air all day, but as the sun sets, it would suddenly start raining.  Nevertheless for Kagay-anons, whether it is raining or not, nothing is more refreshing than gulping down a sweetened, milky, and creamy ice cream.

In celebration of the National Ice Cream Month, we are listing down some of the popular ice cream shops in CdeO you can visit where you can enjoy scrumptious frozen delicacies.


  1. MBB Frozen Factory

MBB Frozen Factory is reminiscent of an American ’50s diner ice cream parlor vibe that offers parfaits, double and triple sundaes and crepel, all done in a whimsical and flamboyant fashion.

It has been serving Kagay-anons since 2009 and is locally known for its delectable gelatos.

You can visit their hip and cozy main branch located at Rosario Drive LimKetKai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City and its other branches at the ground floor of Ayala Centrio Mall and Departure Area of Laguindingan Airport.


  1. La Favorita


Nothing beats this Cagayan de Oro original, homemade ice cream store located at Divisoria Arcade, RN Abejuela St.

La Favorita Homemade Ice Cream was created by the late Doña Trinidad Roa Reyes – Pineda who has been serving her creamy and yummy Leche Freska in the city since 1956.


  1. Freezie

Located in the heart of the city, you can find the classy ice cream shop of Freezie that will give you the intimate feeling of the comforts of your home.

The store is run by the Regner’s who started from creating milk bars to making homemade ice cream with luscious sets of flavors.

You can also spot some of their kiosks around Ayala Centrio Mall and SM CDO Downtown Premier.

  1. FrostBites

For those who are craving for both ice cream and cake, this is for you! FrostBites can give you a taste of a Singaporeans-style ice cream sandwich.

FrostBites offers us with a sweet and unique ice cream experience where customers can have the liberty to customize their own ice cream sandwich.

Just visit their shop at Grand Central Building, Hayes St in Divisoria and enjoy creating and eating your own design of ice cream.


  1. à la mode アイスクリームをのせた

The newest favorite ice cream shop of the Kagay-anons, à la mode アイスクリームをのせた offers freshly baked brownies with an Ice Cream that melts in a perfect balance of hot and cold.

Their store can be spotted at Centrio Ayala Mall and SM Downtown Premier.

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