Local Business Gets Scammed By Customer Pretending To Be A CDO Councilor, Total: Over P69,000

Local Business Gets Scammed By Customer Pretending To Be A CDO Councilor, Total: Over P69,000

Mga higala! The owners of RegChad Flowers CDO, a local business in Cagayan de Oro City, were recently scammed by a customer who was pretending to be a city councilor!

The said customer contacted RegChad last July 26, 2021, and ordered a birthday surprise package allegedly meant for another councilor.

The package was worth P10,000 and consisted of a Lechon, a birthday tarpaulin, a cake, and more.

Upon receiving the order, the owners then bought the mentioned inclusions and prepared the package. However, while they were still buying the cake, the customer requested if they can send some load via GCash.

RegChad was hesitant but since they were promised that it will be paid as part of the order, they complied. Throughout the following hours, the customer/scammer then requested more load for various phone numbers and racked up a total of around P59,000 while assuring that the money for the payment is already being withdrawn.

Later in the day, they were surprised when they could not reach the customer’s number anymore. This gave them a sudden sense of dread.

In an effort to confirm their suspicions, one of the owners rushed to the city hall to ask if their customer was really the city councilor and if the supposed birthday was true.

Unfortunately, a secretary confirmed that there was no birthday whatsoever and that the phone number that contacted them wasn’t owned by the city councilor.

With nothing else to do, RegChad Flowers CDO reported the incident to the police and published the post below:


RegChad then chose to take the Lechon that they ordered for the scammer and share them with their neighbors:

  • Bill Wrinkle
    Posted at 10:03h, 02 August Reply

    Getting scammed for the P10,000 party is perfectly understandable. But the P60,000… My god. This poor lady literally had 60 or more cash disbursements to somebody who (1) she had never met, (2) shouldn’t have needed money, (3) and shouldn’t have needed HER money. She has my condolences but… wow. She really was not thinking clearly.

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