LOOK: First Amputee Who Conquered Panimahawa Ridge

LOOK: First Amputee Who Conquered Panimahawa Ridge

Mga higala! Are you feeling down? Are doubting yourself? Are you afraid of failing while trying to reach your goals? Read the inspiring story below and encourage yourself to take a step in life.

‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’ Every time I read this phrase, it gives me a little push. And, with that message embedded in this article, I hope that when you finish reading, a soft thug in your heart will fuel your courage to try new things.


On the 27th of October, a group of trekkers started their trail to the famous Panimahawa Ridge of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, in the hopes of witnessing its majestic beauty. However, this is not an ordinary group, one of its members is an amputee, and I was fortunately there to witness an accomplishment as beautiful as the ridge itself.

His name is Keene Zernan Alviola, 22 years old, a resident of Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City, and a graduate of Electromechanical Technology in the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP). He got into a motorcycle accident last November 4, 2017, while driving along the Tagoloan Highway, on the way to his work. His right leg was severely fractured during the crash, that’s why his doctors decided that to save him, they had to amputate. Despite the challenges that he faced since then and all the reasons to lose faith, he accepted his situation and focused on continuing his life while inspiring others.

To anyone who’s looking for a kick of confidence and to those who are waiting for signs to start something, this might be it. With the support of his loved ones and his perseverance, Keene Zernan Alviola successfully reached the peak of Panimahawa Ridge that day and accomplished one of his goals. 

If you’re still thinking about excuses to avoid taking a step in life, DON’T. I know that we all have different mountains to climb and different problems to face, but I also know that we can venture on the things that we’ve always been afraid to do, and draw strength from the big and little things that will always matter to us.

On that day, I built up my strength to climb by simply looking at him. I don’t always say much, but the positivity, motivation, and gratefulness in life that I experienced during that time proved that we can inspire others, just by sincerely showing that we can break through challenges in life. And, by realizing that every waking day is an opportunity to discover ourselves and witness God’s miracles.



Article by Judilee May Briones

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