Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya to Abu Sayyaf: I will fight them 24/7!

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya to Abu Sayyaf: I will fight them 24/7!


On Tuesday, June 28, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya stated that he will fight the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) 24/7, once he will take his seat as the Chief of Staff Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on July 1.

“As far as I am concerned, I will fight them 24/7,” he said.

The ASG is responsible for the beheading of two Canadian nationals this year after being captured in Samal Island in 2015. They are also accountable for the regular conflicts plaguing the Southern Philippines.

He assured the people that the military’s 11 battalions that are composed of around 5,500 troops are sufficient enough to annihilate ASG who are waging terror in Sulu.

Visaya said, “We have enough forces… Kung ima-match mo yung power nila with our power, malayo.”

There was still no timetable that Visaya provided on when he will completely get rid of ASG.

He stressed out that the support and cooperation from the people are crucial to successfully address the threat since the members of the ASG normally blend in with civilian communities when outnumbered in certain situations.

Visaya will discuss this matter to President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday’s turnover ceremony, he said, “We will be hearing the guidance of the President, so doon kami mag-i-start.”

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