Lumbia and Taglimao Water Systems To Be Finished This 2018

Lumbia and Taglimao Water Systems To Be Finished This 2018


As we all know, some of CDO’s barangays still don’t have enough supply of water. But as of now, the city government is boosting their efforts in order to help Kagay-anons with this issue.

Thankfully, according to Sunstar CDO, the residents of Barangay Lumbia and Taglimao will soon be relieved of their water problems. This is due to the City Government’s announcement that water systems in the mentioned areas are nearing completion.

City Councilor Teodulfo Lao Jr., the chairman of the Committee on Public Utilities, stated in the said report that the estimated P4-million Level 1 and 2 water system project started in 2017 to address the water problem in Sitio Palalan in Barangay Lumbia and Barangay Taglimao.

“Actually, wala kasing water system itong dalawang barangay, kaya binigyan ng proyekto ng LGU ng Cagayan de Oro para mabigyan sila ng water system,”. The water systems were also funded to help the relocating typhoon victims according to Lao.

Furthermore, Councilor Lao also added that they have created a reservoir in Sitio Palalan, Lumbia as a means of water source due to its abundant flow. This reservoir will then be used to distribute to households through the soon-to-be-completed water system.



Sunstar CDO

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