Luscious Cakes Turns 3: Making Delectable Cakes and Pastries For Kagay-anons Since 2018

Luscious Cakes Turns 3: Making Delectable Cakes and Pastries For Kagay-anons Since 2018

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Mga higala! Can’t decide whether to give in to your cake cravings or not? No need to think! Just surrender to the sweet temptation and order one (or two) from Luscious Cakes today! 

You can even make it yummier by sharing with a special someone!

Quick history: Luscious Cakes was a hobby for the owners at first and started with them baking cakes for family gatherings only. After some time, they then decided to try selling their treats online. 

It was in March 2018 when they catered pre-orders until they had their business registered in October of the same year. Over time, their cake masterpieces captured the hearts of many Kagay-anons which helped them get their very own store for walk-ins and deliveries.

📌Divisoria Arcade (in between Greenwich and Dunkin DV), CDOC

Now, they have a variety of luscious products that can definitely satisfy your cake cravings (including cakes in tin cans).

luscious cakes cdo dream cake in tin cans

Chocolate Overload

Chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache and shard. This is perfect for chocolate lovers who want their cake with moderate sweetness

Red Velvet Dream Cakes

Red Velvet Cake layered with cream cheese filling and white chocolate shard topped with red velvet bits. 

Velvet Choco Dream Cakes

This is divided into two flavors: Chocolate and Red Velvet. This is basically made for those who are indecisive as to which variant to order. A taste of both flavors.

Other cakes that are not in tin cans:

  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Cookies and Cream Cake
  • Choco Truffle Cake
  • Chocolate Mocha Cake

For inquiries, contact:

📱 (0935) 917 2340

⏲ Store Hours: Monday – Friday (11:00 AM – 6:00 PM) / Saturday (1:00 PM – 4:00 PM)

🚚 For deliveries, you can order via Foodpanda, Grabfood (also deliver via Maxim)

📩 Visit their Facebook page – Luscious Cakesss

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Luscious Cakes continued to grow thanks to the unending love and support of its patrons, especially the Kagay-anons. 

As Luscious Cakes turns 3 this coming October 2021, they promise to keep on innovating new flavors, packaging, and more. They are also looking forward to branching out.

Now, check them out and have your cake cravings solved today!

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