Making it to Social Media: “Think Before You Click” Symposium

Making it to Social Media: “Think Before You Click” Symposium

Students of Class 3K4 taking up Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTsP) conducted a Symposium entitled, Making it to Social Media: “Think Before You Click” on March 10, 2017, at the university’s own campus Performing Arts Theatre.

Said symposium was organized Mr. Kevin Abdala, head TCM instructor, and Ms. April Joy Paculba, TCM designated team leader.

Invited keynote speakers for the symposium were Ms. Judy “Boogie” Teves, Ms. Ma. Khristine Claud Curay (of Acadeo) and Mikko Mahinay.

Ms. Judy Teves

Ms. Judy Teves is known for the moniker “Bogie” and is a School admin at Little Evangel Christian School. She is also a well-known blogger with her own personal blogs as well as being the current President of CDO Bloggers organization in the city.

KC Curay of About Cagayan de Oro – Acadeo

Ms. Khristine “KC” Curay is an online freelance SEO and article writer with Mobile Mag and PR/Marketing and one of the Admins of About Cagayan de Oro (ACADEO). She is also a freelance writer and virtual assistant specialist based in Cagayan de Oro.

Mr. Mikko Mahinay is a writer, stylist, photographer, and creative director based in Cagayan de Oro. Mikko has already worked with several global brands including Shore Projects, ASUS Mobile, Havaianas, and Daniel Wellington. He is also regularly employed for local brands such as SM Accessories, Flawless Facial Center, Spruce Network, Bigby’s Café, MAGs, Aruga, Missy Bon Bon, Seda Hotel, and The Nest.

Program Proper

In Ms. Judy Teves’ talk, she emphasized what she calls “A Positive Digital Footprint.” According to her, a digital footprint is simply using any form of social media platforms and leaving behind a “trail” or electronic trace that shows the user’s reputation. What makes up the user’s reputation is what he or she posts online on their social media accounts.

Your reputation is based on what information you post and what you share. A digital footprint can also impact your relationships. And it can also impact your future opportunities for employment, careers, and business. Thus, it’s important to leave behind a positive digital footprint that is important to both your online and personal reputation. To do this, you need to:

  • Think twice before you post, and never post anything in sheer anger.
  • Check all your privacy settings, including untagging yourself from posts or pictures wherein your permission was not asked.
  • Protect and change your passwords regularly.
  • When using public internet services, make sure to log out when finished.

Also remember that before posting anything, T.H.I.N.K.:

  • T – Is what you’re posting the TRUTH?
  • H – Is it HELPFUL?
  • I – Is it INSPIRING?
  • N – Is it NECESSARY?
  • K – Is it KIND?

With Ms. KC Curay, she tackled on social media etiquette, or having good manners in doing social media platforms. Just as we tackle and handle ourselves and others in the personal and physical world, we should also do the same when doing and posting on social media platforms by showing good manners and right conduct.

USTP Symposium: Think Before You Click

Posted by About Cagayan de Oro – Acadeo on Friday, March 10, 2017

This can be emphasized and done by being S.M.A.R.T. or being a smart social media user:

  • S – Have good Status updates and stop updating details almost every hour and making social media as a personal diary. Stop and have a life and just enjoy life instead of constantly using social media. Start and Savor eating without the need to take pictures of every meal you have. Spread positivity instead of negative things.
  • M – Make new friends outside of social media. Usually, users have never met more than half of their so-called “friends” on social media, both physically and tangibly. Make it a point to interact positively on social media.
  • A – Avoid pretending to be someone else or somebody they are not. Avoid getting into arguments and avoid scandalous and very offensive posts. Avoid abusing your network and taking advantage of people, such as by always selling things to them. Avoid asking for likes, comments, and shares because this can be very annoying to others. Instead, post useful and vital information.
  • R – Respect other people’s posts, views, and opinions. Review your grammar for better online reputation and review all friend requests. Don’t just respond to every friend request, especially if they are coming from total strangers.
  • T – Train yourself not to respond to every negative post and comment on social media to avoid starting an argument or offending others’ opinions. Think before tagging photos and posts. Ask permission first if you think there is a sensitive issue concerned. Try not to believe everything you read on social media since much fake news is spreading on the internet. Be critical and check the background of every news item you see.

When reading the achievements and work of Mr. Mikko Mahinay is already as long as a talk in itself. With Mikko, going on social media or online is not limited to being just a blogger or writer, though this may look like the easiest to do, but actually they’re not.

You can also go on YouTube or be an influencer. Mikko explained how you can earn money from social media or on the internet by utilizing the various mediums on the internet or adjusting to it based on the certain skills of the user.

But it all boils down to the fact that all social media and the internet is to gain and share information and to communicate properly with others, no matter what the method. Unfortunately, there are some aspects of social media that is unfair.

For instance, while some bloggers can work really hard to expand their branding or to make other brands sell, there are “influencers” who virtually do nothing online but command such large following. These influencers are mostly celebrities or online personalities who don’t write, blog, or do anything online, but they have hundreds or thousands of followers who just follow because of what the influencer wears, eats, says, and who they interact with.

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