41-Year-Old Man Abused and Raped 4-Year-Old Niece, Arrested at Brgy. Puntod

41-Year-Old Man Abused and Raped 4-Year-Old Niece, Arrested at Brgy. Puntod

Original Image Source: Google Maps and health-line.com

Police officers of Police Station 5 and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) conducted a rescue operation after receiving information concerning a 41-year-old man who allegedly abused his four-year-old niece.

According to a report from Sun.Star, the suspect who was from Barangay Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City was arrested on January 23, Monday.

The suspect (name withheld) was left to take good care of his niece whose mother is working in Manila, said Rodel Zurita, a barangay officer who responded to the complaint.

Zurita has also asked the neighbors of the suspect and that they have also confirmed the incident concerning the abusive acts to the young victim. It was said that they have noticed and heard the suspect beating the victim every day.

Signs of abuse were found in the child’s body as the authorities found bruises, wounds, vaginal lacerations, and semen which proved that the victim has also been raped by the suspect.

The victim was brought and is now under the care of the DSWD.

Meanwhile, the suspect tried to deny the claims saying that he only scolded the child as he accidentally stepped on her urine when he was trying to wake her up that morning.

He is currently imprisoned at Police Station 5 and if proven that he has inflicted grave danger upon his niece and if the semen was from him then he will be facing charges for violation of Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse law.

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