Man suspected of drug abuse was found dead in CDO river

Man suspected of drug abuse was found dead in CDO river

Original Image Source: ABS-CBN News

A man who was said to be high on drugs was found dead at Cagayan de Oro river near Sitio Cabula, Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro city around 5 a.m. on January 25, Wednesday.

According to a report from Sun.Star Superbalita, the man was last seen running towards the river and his dead body was found naked floating in the river.

The man was later identified as Bernito Jamil, 37 years old, who is actually from Binuangan, Misamis Oriental and is temporarily residing at Barangay Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City.

Wounds were also found in the victim’s body, and that it’s possibly caused by the stones that hit him.

Upon the investigation conducted by the police officers from Police Station 8 headed by Police Station Chief Dennis Ebsolo, neighbors of the victim suspected that Jamil brought illegal drugs. When they were asked why Jamil reached the area, they would respond saying that he was afraid of Tokhang (Toktok-Hangyo).

It was said that Jamil was running while saying that he was chased by President Rodrigo Duterte. He was last seen on January 24, Tuesday hiding under his bed and convincing that he was chased by the president then runs to the river.

The police who responded to the incident advised the relatives of the victim to have his body autopsied to know what really caused his death. Police from Binuangan Police Station were also asked to scan their records of tokhang individuals.

Source: Sun.Star Superbalita

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