Man Jailed for Killing Neighbor’s Dog

Man Jailed for Killing Neighbor’s Dog

man jailed for stabbing neighbor's dog


In an article from, a man named Angelito Tomada was thrown into jail after he stabbed a dog leading to its death in Cagayan de Oro City.

54-year-old Tomada was sued by the dog’s owner Cassandra Mamapatilan citing charges for violation of the Animal Welfare Act of 1996.

Tomada reasoned out to police authorities that he was prompted to kill his neighbor’s dog, a mixed breed of Poodle and Datsun, when it suddenly entered his house and thought that it would attack him.

However, Mamapatilan and their neighbors noted that Tomada was under the influence of alcohol when the crime happened.

Tomada was reportedly released upon paying his P4,000 bail last Thursday, August 31.

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