Marawi’s Sarimanok: Getting Back on Its Feet

Marawi’s Sarimanok: Getting Back on Its Feet

Left: Baul (treasure chest) photo by Jomar Figuracion; Right: Darangen dolls wearing “malong” (tube skirt) by JIGGER JERUSALEM

The war between the government and Maute terrorists during this year left Marawi City in ashes. Especially in regards its structures, not much has survived the conflict’s conclusion.

Houses, schools, and important establishments were left in ruins; even Marawi’s only shop that sold Maranao crafts, Sarimanok Brass and Antique shop was destroyed.

But that did not stop the owners from standing up and do something to recover from their misfortune.

Noraifa Sumandar, the assistant manager of Sarimanok, has stated that they have now teamed up with Ayala Foundation Inc. (in Cdeo’s Centrio Ayala Mall) to set up the “Kawyagan sa Marawi” exhibit which offered the Maranao crafts like wooden “baul” (treasure chest), the kris, Maranao blades, gongs and other musical instruments, for sale. This aims to earn funds for the psychosocial therapy of war survivors and help the city get back on its feet.

“This is our way of telling them not to give up,” Sumandar said.

Furthermore, on Monday alone, the sale of Maranao-made products in the exhibit generated at least P80,000.




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