Mass Jailbreak Initiated by the Notorious Maute Group! 23 Prisoners Escaped!

Mass Jailbreak Initiated by the Notorious Maute Group! 23 Prisoners Escaped!

A report has been publicized on Sunday, August 28, that the Maute Group has raided a jail in Marawi last Saturday, August 27. They are composed of 50 heavily armed members and successfully freed 23 detainees in the process.

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Gone so fast! It was just a week ago when eight members of the Maute Group has been arrested on August 22 by the military manning a checkpoint. There, they found improvised bombs and pistols in the van that the Maute Group were driving. Sadly, these captives have been freed by their comrades in a mass jailbreak that happened in Marawi on Saturday.

Based on the reports, two women approached the gate of the jail and handed some food to the jail guards that is intended for the detainees. Little did the guards know that this was the initial act to initiate the jailbreak as hooded men stormed the compound, overwhelming the jail guards who have done nothing but to drop on their knees to submission.

“Allahu Akbar” (God is great), the hooded men shouted, as they freed their comrades. The eight members of the Maute Group escaped via boat at the nearby lake, while 15 other jailbreakers scattered.

Provincial jail warden Acmad Tabao said that aside from the eight Maute group members, the other 15 inmates that have been freed by the jailbreak are holding serious offenses under their names.

The Maute group is one of the well-known gang in Mindanao and has been the initiator of the recent bombings and kidnappings in the southern Philippines in the past decade.

The authorities are already investigating the jailbreak on why does the security in the jail has not been bolstered, knowing that high-risk suspects were brought in. It’s the Maute group, not just any other low-profile criminal groups!

The Maute group is known to have publicly supporting ISIS.

Mindanao has been plagued by Muslim separatist insurgencies for over four decades, with the conflict leaving more than 120,000 dead.

Despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s valiant effort of having peace talks with the country’s rebel groups, the Maute group and the Abu Sayyaf group are not covered by the cease-fires and are not part of the peace process.

As of today, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has issued a high alert status in the area as they are hunting the Maute Group members that have escaped from the jailbreak.

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