Meet 4 Year Old Math Prodigy, Miko Secillano

Meet 4 Year Old Math Prodigy, Miko Secillano


Four-year-old Miko Secillano can calculate the area of a rocket ship and has memorized all atomic numbers and 188 element symbols of the Periodic Table. He is considered as a gifted child prodigy in Math and can calculate the square roots of 1 to 30 in just 3 minutes.

According to his dad, Philip Secillano, Miko is different from his 4 year old playmates. His videos have gone viral solving the volume of a cube in the cutest way possible. He literally was saying everything he was jotting down as if he was a teacher.

The Secillano family lives and Cebu and hopes to make Miko a member of MENSA, an international organization of geniuses that have IQ scores above the 98th percentile.

Watch his video below.

Source: Rappler News

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