PBB’s Ms. Wacky Go Lucky, Maymay: Best Moments Inside the PBB House

PBB’s Ms. Wacky Go Lucky, Maymay: Best Moments Inside the PBB House

Image Source: Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn Facebook Page

Image Source: Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn Facebook Page

PBB 2016, which was dubbed “Lucky 7” has a very colorful housemate who hails from the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro. She is known as Ms. Wacky Go Lucky as she has a bubbly personality.

Marydale Entrata or famously known as “MayMay,” is a 19-year-old student in CDO. She auditioned to help her mother who is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Japan. Maymay is a cheerful young lady who is an ultimate fangirl of Filipino celebrities most especially on Enrique Gil.

Image Source: Maymay Entrata Facebook Fanpage

Image Source: Maymay Entrata Facebook Fanpage

As she entered the house, Maymay already showed her joyful and carefree side. Not just the housemates  who tend to laugh at her jokes but also the netizens as she loves to show her funny side.

Below is a series of videos on her best moments inside PBB House.

Here’s a video of her when Kuya (Big Brother) asked her if she’s ready to be a leading actress, as expected Maymay is so eager to do it.


 Not just acting but she could also do commercial modeling. Isn’t she talented?

There’s this event when PBB held a pageant for all girl housemates, MayMay told Big Brother that she won awards. Let’s hear what awards she has won.

MayMay has many talents, as mentioned, she knows how to act, to do modeling and win a crown but also she knows how to sing and compose a song. She can do anything! Let’s hear her composition, “Baliw” sang together with Edward, another housemate who is intrigued to be her loveteam.


Ultimate Fangirl

Meanwhile, MayMay also met several celebrities which were invited by Kuya himself. Since then, audiences found out that MayMay is fond of idolizing Filipino celebrities.

One day, Kuya noticed that MayMay has a similar face with his former housemate, Jai. MayMay also said that there are a lot of people complimenting her that she do look like Jai. Kuya then invited Jai to see if they do have similar faces.

She also has met Liza Soberano, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, newest love team Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga, Zanjoe Marudo, Sam Milby and Angel Locsin. MayMay is really honest with her feelings as she hugs and embraces the celebrities saying that they look so handsome and gorgeous in person.

Let’s review her fangirling moments:

Daniel and Kathryn

Liza Soberano

Joseph Marco and Alex Gonzaga

Zanjoe Marudo, Sam Milby, and Angel Locsin

MayMay once confessed to Big Brother that she is a huge fan of the King of the Gil, Enrique. She said that Enrique is a great dancer and actor. She always wanted to meet Enrique that she even asked Big Brother for his picture. Big Brother also gave chance to MayMay, she told her to solve the Rubix cube. In the middle of the task, Kuya showed videos of Enrique encouraging MayMay to solve the cube. Let’s see the video if she had solved the cube, click the link below.

And lastly, the moment MayMay and all PBB fans have been waiting for. THE DATE! Kuya kept his promise to MayMay, to meet the real Enrique in person and have a date with him.

Let’s watch the “Kilig” moment again.

MayMay is such a natural person, she’s just so honest to herself that she could comfortably show herself in front of the camera. She’s talented, cheerful and has a beautiful heart all throughout the show. Many Kagay-anons and netizens from all over the world like her for her bubbly personality. But since PBB’s big night is just around the corner, many fans are trying to reach out as many people they could to vote for MayMay and be crowned as PBB’s grand winner. Let’s support our fellow Kagay-anon to reach her dreams. Go for Ms. Wacky go Lucky, MayMay Entrata!

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