Mayor Oscar Moreno Sues Former Vice Mayor Ian Acenas and His Allies

Mayor Oscar Moreno Sues Former Vice Mayor Ian Acenas and His Allies

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On Friday, July 1, Mayor Oscar Moreno file charges of usurpation of authority against vice mayor Caesar Ian Acenas and nine other allies with him.

Moreno sued Acenas and his confederates by violating the Article 117 of the Revised Penal Code.

Together with Acenas in the charge filed by Moreno are councilors Nadya Elipe, Dometilo Acenas Jr., and former councilors Lourdes Darimbang, Adrian Barba, Dante Pajo, Ramon Tabor, Yan Lam Lim, Alex Dacer, and President Elipe.

Moreno’s complaint is Acenas’ and Darimbang’s attempt to take control of city hall on June 28 after the ombudsman rejected Moreno’s appeal about the controversial tax settlement between the local government and Ajinomoto Philippines.

On the same day, Acenas informed Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) regional director Arnel Agabe that he assumed the position of city mayor.

Moreno said, “What bothered me is that a day earlier, on June 27, 2016, Vice Mayor Acenas appeared clueless. In his official capacity as vice mayor, he participated and presided over the last session of the 17th City Council where he even opted to bypass in the agenda my veto on the approved 2016 Executive Budget.”

Moreno believed that there was a conspiracy between Acenas and Darimbang. He said that the special session of the city council on July 28 was “maliciously deliberate, premeditated and concerted.”

The meeting on that day was hastily called and disregarded protocol.

The other officials involved in that meeting have approved in passing two resolutions that have “assumed” both Acenas and Darimbang into the city’s two highest political positions of Mayor and Vice Mayor.

With that alone, Moreno said, “to a logical conclusion that the respondents consciously conspired with one another to perpetrate and consummate the criminal act.”

Moreno asked the contempt citation because the court rejected Acenas’ motion to mediate pertaining to the ombudsman’s ruling against the mayor in a June 22 resolution.

Moreno said Acenas disrespected the CA’s resolution by doing an unlawful attempt to take over the city hall.

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