Merriam-Webster Added “Mx.”, A Gender-Neutral Honorific

Merriam-Webster Added “Mx.”, A Gender-Neutral Honorific

Are you someone who has to choose “Others” when filling gender specification in forms? A member of the LGBT community? or someone who just doesn’t want to be addressed by “Miss,” “Mister,” “Ma’am,” or “Sir,”?

Don’t worry, the dictionary company Merriam-Webster has your back.

Merriam-Webster has officially added “Mx.“- a gender-neutral honorific for those who “…do not identify as being of a particular gender, or for people who simply don’t want to be identified by gender.”

Pronounced to sound like mix or mux, the title Mx. (which, like other honorifics, is styled without the period in British English) is used increasingly on various official forms in the UK, including driver’s licenses and banking documents.

Although Mx. is not yet widely recognized, it is great that the LGBT community can have their proper acknowledgment in documents, dictionaries and most especially, in common courtesy.

We should all remember that our sexuality doesn’t define us. No matter who or what we are, as long as we’re doing something that makes us happy without hurting others, we deserve the right to be accepted.



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