Miriam Santiago Remains Positive On Her Health Condition and Presidential Campaign

Miriam Santiago Remains Positive On Her Health Condition and Presidential Campaign

Image Source| kapamilya.com

Image Source| kapamilya.com

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Achilles heel is her health. She is considered as the most qualified candidate for President in the upcoming 2016 national elections, but how was her health condition lately?

Santiago is confident that she regained health needed for her to continue her pursuit of the presidency. “I have been the subject of much black propaganda concerning my health. I have never been false to the Filipino people,” she said last night, during the third and last Philippine presidential debate in PHINMA University of Pangasinan.

But does the senator has really knocked off her stage 4 lung cancer? She had the privilege to talk about it when Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte was given two 15-second opportunities to throw questions on Miriam in the Face-off round. Duterte said: “Ang tanong ko ma’am, how are you today?”

Santiago deliberately answered the question with confidence. Miriam said: “I am okay now. I am taking a still unnamed cancer pill.” She also added, “The moment I was diagnosed, I immediately called for a press conference and announced the status of my health.” emphasizing that her battle for her health has not been left a secret to the Filipino people.

#DuRiam’s connection is still alive, a social media hashtag that has been trending and loved by the netizens. Instead of launching questions about Santiago’s platform and plans for the country, Duterte praised her excellence instead. “Ma’am Miriam, what can I ask of you? I am facing a woman who would become the President of the Republic of the Philippines; it is even an insult to the intellect of everybody to be asking a learned and experienced human being on this planet.” Duterte said.

Santiago and Duterte were close friends, since the first presidential debates in Cagayan de Oro City, the two switched positive remarks instead of insults, it is where #DuRiam emerged widely.

Santiago who has not been present in the second presidential debate in Cebu City has been off and on a break in her campaign for six weeks because of her scheduled clinical trial for a new anti-cancer drug.

Despite her noticed struggle in her speech last night, in her closing remarks, she directly strikes her bashers who are hitting her that her health condition could not go any better for a long time, but Santiago closes the debate last night indicating that she is feeling better than before.

Santiago ends her closing speech with intensity, delivering a powerful statement to voters. “I have not allowed my words to overcome my deeds. At for those who think that I should withdraw because I have once been a cancer patient. This is what I’ll say, I am now normal. I can think. I can act. And I can pray. Ngayon, gusto niyo akong mag-urong? Biro mo, ang lakas pati sa radyo, ang sagot ko sa kanila: I will never quit, I will never stop, I will never withdraw!”

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