Kicking his way in: Misamis Oriental’s Jean delos Reyes’ journey to UFL

Kicking his way in: Misamis Oriental’s Jean delos Reyes’ journey to UFL


source: Sunstar

Football is one sports event in the Philippines that has been getting a lot of attention and which enthusiasts have been growing in number for the past few years. On an article posted by, one football player hails from El Salvador, Misamis Oriental named Jean delos Reyes is making a name for himself in the United Football League (UFL) as he impressed the coaching staff of the Loyola-Meralco Manila Football Club (FC) with his powerful left kick, an advantageous rarity in the game of football.


A child’s dream

As a kid, Jean had no formal education about football. Instead, he had spent his early days in football by joining in football clinics organized by the Cagayan Misamis Oriental Football Association (CEMOFA). More so, he recalled playing for their high school football team in St. Joseph Anthony in El Salvador. He also played for the Monte Carlo FC as one of their youth players under the guidance of Joey Flores and Michael Matin-aw, honing his skills further and igniting his passion for the sport.


Playing for Magis FC

While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in Capitol University (CU), Jean managed to continue playing football for the Magis FC, a premier in amateur football based in Cagayan de Oro City. After he graduated in college,  he once shared that he did not want to make us of his degree and teach kids and instead will only do it if he can no longer play football.  


A big kick to professional football

After finishing college, he was recruited by the Pasagard FC to play in the United Football League as his very first appearance as a professional football player. During his three seasons in the UFL, he impressed his coaches as well as his teammates and even became the team captain in his last year in the football league.

After UFL ended its operations in 2016, he made a try out for Loyola Meralco Manila FC and secured a place in the football team’s line up. He has not signed a contract with the team yet but has been very pleased seeing his favorite football stars like Younghusband brothers, Phil and James. “I used to watch them play on TV but now they are already my team mates. I never expected that my career would reach this far,” he said.

Football scribe, Bob Guerrero has seen Jean’s strong left-foot kick which is a rare find in football. This might even give him a spot in the Philippine Azkals alongside Daisuke Sato if he continues to be hardworking and passionate. Jean humbly said that he is not the best football player of his team but his passion and perseverance keeps him going.

The road to achieving one’s dreams is not an overnight process. Instead, finding yourself in the middle of it entails a lot of hard work and perseverance. Take the story of Jean who have once dreamed and now, he has kicked his way in.

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