Moreno Wants to Make CDO the Education Center of Northern Mindanao

Moreno Wants to Make CDO the Education Center of Northern Mindanao

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Last September 26, 2016, Monday, Cagayan de Oro Mayor Oscar Moreno announced that the eight 3-story classrooms in Barangay Bonbon were completed adding that all in all, his government has already built 458 classrooms since 2013 exceeding his target of constructing 300 classrooms.

“Now we are planning to construct 600 classrooms more in the next three years,” said Moreno. “We must make sure that Cagayan de Oro is not only the commercial hub of the region, we must also become the education center, we must develop our education sector.”

According to Moreno, investing in education is the foundation of stable economies.

However, with regards to annex high schools in the city which shares rooms with elementary, Moreno explained that, “The annex high schools were in a sorry state, they don’t get budget allocations from the national high school. Meanwhile, the city’s population is growing, there is a backlog of school buildings, we need to invest in our education system.”

“The board as an independent body of government, private and public school officials, academe and civil society identified, prioritized and approved for the construction of the public schools in the city,” said Moreno.

The mandatory one-percent income from the real property tax funds the city infrastructure development.

“The passageways are wide, each classrooms have high ceilings and their own restrooms, light are abundant and the roof deck will serve as evacuation centers in time of disasters without interrupting classes,” said City Engineer Elmer Pacuribot explaining that the new buildings comply with the school buildings’ standards.

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