Moro Groups Call on the Government to End Martial Law

Moro Groups Call on the Government to End Martial Law

Moro Groups Call on the Government to End Martial Law

Source: Tindeg Ranao Facebook Page

Moro groups called on the government to end the Martial Law in Mindanao as Maranaos are preparing to go back to their original homes in the war-torn Marawi City after President Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed the liberation of the city from the grip of the Maute-ISIS terrorists.

In an article from Sunstar Cagayan de Oro,  Moro groups Tindeg Ranao and Suara Bangsamoro released a joint statement emphasizing their demand to the government to finally lift the martial law in the whole island-region of Mindanao as well as end the operations of state troops in Marawi City.

Suara Bangsamoro, in particular, was saddened by the fact that the President has already proclaimed freedom for the city yet foreign troops such as those coming from the United States can still be seen on joint operations with local armed forces.

In addition, Tindeg Ranao said that returning Marawi residences are afraid of the military’s retaliation if ever they will file cases and hold the government responsible for the damages to their homes and properties in over five months of the armed crisis in the city.

Both Moro groups maintained that the government should also be held responsible for the death of some residences and the destruction of many properties in the city because of all the aerial attacks conducted by its anti-terrorism task forces.

They also hope that issues on human rights violations allegedly committed by the military to the evacuees will not be overlooked by the government that is expected to mobilize investigations to resolve such issue.

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