Murder in Malaybalay City! – Insane Posts Found on Killer’s Facebook Wall Before the Shooting

Murder in Malaybalay City! – Insane Posts Found on Killer’s Facebook Wall Before the Shooting

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On Tuesday, May 24, retired firefighter Arnold Tenorio killed his wife Florina using a .45 caliber pistol. Florina is a high school principal at the Casisang High School in Malaybalay City.

Weeks before the shooting, Arnold posted insane posts in his Facebook wall.

On May 6 he posted, “I will keep one bullet for myself,” then on May 13 another post reads, “Hindi lang kalamnan ko ang nanginginig, pati kaluluwa ko, nangangatal na! Patnubayan nawa ako ng Poong May Likha!

2 days after, he posted, “People like me don’t get happy endings. – Depression kills.

The series of posts by Arnold showed that he is depressed and bitter with the unfair dealings of life. If traced, it can be seen that hate for the people and the world has been his usual rant.

On May 16 he again posted, now about suicide, “I hate myself. True. I often think of death. True. Suicide is a reasonable option.

In these series of posts, there are no friends of Arnold that had a sympathizing comment or just even engaged in liking his posts, which can also be a catalyst to intensify his isolation and depression problem.

Yet one post received comments, the one from May 17. The post reads, “Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go. Got to leave you all behind and face the truth!..

Most comments there took his post as a joke!

Then came his last post before the crime where he posted on 11:22 am, “MY APOLOGIES TO ALL!… DILI NA NKO KAYA, MY GOD, PLEASE FORGIVE US SINNERS.

Then he killed his wife!

A minute after killing Florina he posted, “THE END!

According to a text message from Philippine National Police-10 (PNP-10) spokesperson Superintendent Surki Sereñas, it says that the “Initial investigation revealed that the couple has been arguing often due to suspect’s drug problem.”

Florina was then rushed to the Bukidnon Provincial Hospital and is declared dead on arrival.

After the shooting, Arnold went to their home at Azura Subdivision and had a standoff with the police. It lasted for 4 hours where Arnold still managed to post a status update on Facebook saying, “MANDAMAY PA UNTA KO PERO DILI NAKO KAYA

The standoff took much time, because according to Dampal, he said, “We did not enter the house right away as requested by his children and relatives.”

Arnold finally been seized by the police while an unnamed relative talked to Tenorio.

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