Napocor Restricts Tourists To Visit Maria Cristina Falls and Nature Park

Napocor Restricts Tourists To Visit Maria Cristina Falls and Nature Park


Two of the state-run National Power Corporation (Napocor) plants is off limits to tourists for security reasons.

Agus 6 and Agus 7 plants which were the viewing platforms and serve as a passageway for the city’s main tourist attractions, the Maria Cristina Falls and Nature Park are out of bounds.

Napocor vice president for Mindanao generation, Dadelio Corpus was said to have ordered the suspension of access to the plants as a memorandum declaring red alert in all Napocor facilities and offices in Mindanao was disclosed, this is for the protection of the visitors.

Warning from the military and the Philippines National Police (PNP) concerning the possible terror attacks in Northern Mindanao urged Corpus to give the order.

As long as the memorandum order is effective, visitors are prohibited inside Agus 6 and 7, Napocor officials said.

Iligan City is celebrating their Diyandi Festival, a monthlong celebration devoted to St. Michael the Archangel or widely known as Señor San Miguel, the city’s patron saint and Iligan Rep. Frederick Siao said that the suspension of tourist access came at a bad time.

Siao stated, “It’s a pity.” He added that the suspension “will have so much effect on our tourism industry. ”

Napocor should have just heightened security “rather than closing them,” Siao said.

City officials would “try to make arrangements” with Napocor “as to what we can do, especially for the tourists,” chair of the Diyandi Festival organizing committee, City Councilor Sorilie Christine Bacsarpa said.

Bacsarpa said that if Napocor refused to open the plants then the city government could not do anything. He added, “We have to follow it for the safety of everybody.”

News Source: Inquirer

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