The Nest: The Newest French-Italian Restaurant Hub in Cagayan de Oro is Now Open!

The Nest: The Newest French-Italian Restaurant Hub in Cagayan de Oro is Now Open!



The Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation treated invited guests to the soft opening of Cagayan de Oro’s newest dining experience, The Nest, inside of which is nestled two restaurants with completely different food experiences: Maison de Bon Bon Café and Restaurant is French inspired as well as focusing on sweets and its Gelato ice cream, while Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roasts focuses more on cuisine from Italian and Sicilian inspired cooking.






The Nest is located along Corrales Avenue fronting the junction of Ramon Chaves Street, almost beside Boy Zugba.

What Happened at The Event

The soft opening officially started around 11am with the usual ribbon cutting by the proprietors of the Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation, Mr. Henrik Yu, Ms. Joanna Lim-Yu, and Ms. Catherine Genabe.


This was followed by the customary blessing of the whole building by a Catholic priest.



As is customary with the Chinese, the practice of throwing coins and candies into the crowd is to bring good fortune to the business in the years to come as well as a way to appease the long-dead ancestors of the Chinese owners so that they may watch over the business and ward off evil spirits.

The Guests

The Nest soft opening was fully packed with the proprietor’s business associates as well as family members, relatives, close friends, guests, and members from Cagayan de Oro’s print media such as Business Week Mindanao, Urban Life by Gold Star Daily, as well as the city’s top bloggers and freelance news writers.




Maison de Bon Bon on the second floor feels like an enlarged and very feminine version of the old Missy Bon Bon, with its menu of Notre specialties, Crepe Savoureux, Crepe Doux, salads, entrees, sandwiches, and Gelato ice cream echoing the fusion cuisines of the ‘Ol Missy.



On the other hand, Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roasts on the first floor is more masculine and into pizzas and pasta, Italian rice meals, Sicilian main courses, appetizers, salads, and a few desserts. Giuseppe is actually a franchise with four other Giuseppe restaurants located in Cebu, Mactan, Bohol, and Dumaguete.



Experiencing the Nest First Hand

Following the blessing, a lunch buffet was set out to showcase the delicious foods that Maison de Bon Bon and Giuseppe would be serving to its customers.





Highlights of the buffet were the Arugula Pizza, Chicken Fingers, Sliders, Bolognese Pasta, Herbed Chicken and some French Breads.




For dessert, Carrot Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Lemon Cupcake, and Blueberry Cheesecake were served just to mention a few.



In the spirit of the Bigby’s tradition, everyone in the soft opening was treated to free and unlimited Gelato ice cream courtesy of Maison de Bon Bon and Missy Bon Bon.

One noteworthy guest that needs to be mentioned was the presence of Ms. Nelia Lee, president of COHARA or Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association. All establishments under the Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation are members of COHARA and have played a huge role in all of COHARA’s activities, most notably the aiding of HRM schools for on-the-job and apprenticeship placements as well as in the annual participation during Cagayan de Oro’s KUMBIRA.

Stay Tuned

Mr. Henrik Yu mentioned that there will actually be a grand opening that will be set sometime in July or August.

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