The New Philippine Passport: High-Security Design, Faster Production

The New Philippine Passport: High-Security Design, Faster Production

On Monday, August 15, Palace Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Martin Andanar has confirmed that a new passport design will be made available to the public starting August 15, 2016.

new philippine passport

The new passport boasts itself with a revamped design that has an added high-security feature for safer use. The production of the new passports will also be 35% faster compared to the old system.

The security features include a microchip to capture the personal data of the applicant, an invisible ultraviolet (UV) fluorescent ink and thread, and an elaborate design when subject to UV light.

Also, the use of optical variable illusion ink where color varies at different angles is applied in the intaglio printing used for the printing of money as well as the printing of the coat of arms.

Also, Andanar mentioned that “the new APO printing system increases the production speed of the new passports by 35%”

He also added, saying, “This means the new passport printing system results to delivery of passports from press to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to an average of 5 days compared to 7-14 days previously.”

“It is the objective of the PCO to keep on improving our printing processes so we can even hasten the delivery from our APO Lima Plant in Batangas to DFA within 4 days by 2017,” Andanar ended his announcement.

The new passport’s design also promotes the regions in the Philippines.

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