New PNP Chief Appointed! – Duterte Chose Ronald Dela Rosa

New PNP Chief Appointed! – Duterte Chose Ronald Dela Rosa


On Wednesday, May 18, president-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s executive assistant Bong Go verified that Police Chief Superintendent Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa will be the next chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) under the Administration of Duterte.

Hesitant with the news, Dela Rosa did not believe at first when informed about Duterte’s decision by one of his associates and waited until he will hear the news first hand from the people under Duterte’s camp.

Before Dela Rosa has been chosen, there are two more names aside from him who are included in Duterte’s list. They are Chief Superintendent Ramon Apolinario, Mimaropa police officer-in-charge; and Sr. Supt. Rene Aspera, chief of staff of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group.

“Bato” as what Duterte called him is a diligent worker. He heads the Oplan TukHang (Tuktok-Hangyo) in Davao City, where the police officers are to knock on the doors of the presumed drug addicts and inform them to change lest they will face consequences.

Before the May 9 elections, Dela Rosa has been dismissed from his post when he posted a Pro-Duterte post on Facebook. It has been said that such act is a bias considering his position and the time when he posted it nearing the elections.

He even greeted Duterte on his birthday to show his appreciation, “I never feared to enforce the law and prevent crimes because you are always there watching my back. To the greatest leader on Earth, Mayor RRD, happy birthday Sir!”

But Bato did not waver in his determination to support the person whom he was inspired of and has given him a great influence in his career. His termination seems a blessing in disguise as Duterte’s trust in him has strengthened in the process.

This is the next chapter of Dela Rosa’s career as a police; will he deliver and maintain the integrity that he had shown before? Much is yet to be revealed, what we know now is that Duterte had seen in him qualities that appropriated his name beside a title PNP Chief.

Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, our new PNP Chief!

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