NGCP Marawi loses 150 MW: 2 Towers Collapsed, Bombed by Armed Men

NGCP Marawi loses 150 MW: 2 Towers Collapsed, Bombed by Armed Men

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Happened last Thursday night around 9:20 pm in Barangay Patani, Marawi City, two towers, 19 and 20 were damaged due to the bombing incident that caused power loss in numerous areas in Mindanao.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) Regional Communications Officer in Mindanao, Beth Ladaga said that the bombing and toppling of the towers caused to lose 150 megawatts because the electricity generated by Agus 1 and 2 hydro plants was isolated from the whole Mindanao Grid.

After Ladaga spoke about the instance, she added, “Our technicians will start restoration work as soon as the area is secured by the army and police.”

Since the bombed area in Barangay Patani, Marawi City is dangerous, a company commander from Army 65th Infantry Battalion, Lt. Virgilio Dorotan said, only soldiers and policemen are allowed to manage and check the site.

The village of Patani is located one kilometer from the Marawi-Iligan highway.

Dorotan also cited, “We found the two towers toppled on its side, but we have already secured the area for the NGCP repairmen to begin their work.”

As the suspects of the bombing case were anonymous armed men, the Army Ordinance Specialists are still on the process of identifying them, the source of the explosion through checking the pieces of evidence left on the scene.

In a statement released by the NGCP previously, they revealed that 80 megawatts from the Agus 1 plant and 180 megawatts from the Agus 2 plant were secluded from the grid as a result of the bombings.

Regarding on which particular Mindanao areas were affected, Ladaga said that she could not say it yet, but they assured that they added NGCP’s maintenance and security group along with aerial patrols after the bombing incident occurred.

For additional information, the toppling of towers and bombing instance came two days after the NGCP released a press statement complaining that an “uncooperative landowner” in Marawi City demanded money and declined entry to their repairmen.

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