Nightlife in Cagayan de Oro – Where to Party like a Rockstar in the City of Golden Friendship

Nightlife in Cagayan de Oro – Where to Party like a Rockstar in the City of Golden Friendship

You work virtually the whole week, and then, Friday night or Saturday night finally arrives. There’s no reason for you to stay home when you can unwind, stress out, and – in the words of many – party, party! In fact, these are the nights that you can probably go out and party like a rockstar.

Cagayan de Oro is a bustling and progressive metropolis and this clearly shows in the number of establishments that cater to the city’s nightlife. In fact, even visitors from other major cities like Manila and Cebu are surprised by the city’s exciting night life scenes.

The nightlife in Cagayan de Oro is a mix of dance clubs, bars, and videoke places that are usually open from around 7:00 p.m. through to midnight and beyond. Most night outfits are filled to the brim on Friday and Saturday nights, the usual “owl hours” to unwind and release stress. There are night places in the city that will cater to suit all (adult) ages or preference.

Pulse Bar

pulse bar cagayan de oro

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This is probably CDO’s oldest and most famous dance club and bar located at the corner of Hayes Street and Tiano Bros. Street. It used to be named Xcite, and when you enter the place it will definitely excite your dance legs. The place and ambiance can be described as being at par with the best dance bars that can be found in Davao and Cebu. The place is actually a bit large and usually on Friday nights and weekends the place is filled to standing capacity. It has the usual DJ-blasting dance mix music, but what makes Pulse unique are the daily gimmicks that it comes up with to attract a regular clientele for each day. Php100.00 is the normal entrance fee.

pulse cagayan de oro

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Drinks served are a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Beer is usually sold individually or in “buckets” of 6 bottles. Other alcoholic beverages can be sold by the bottle or by shots. To liven up Mondays, they have “Mad Monday” that features free entrance as well as a Videoke Night. On selected Tuesdays they have “Tequila Nights” with a Tequila body shot contest and laser light show. Wednesday is “Ladies Night” so all the ladies have free entrance. Saturday is the regular party night. Sundays (yes, Sundays, to liven up the end of the week, perhaps) features a sexy dance contest from the ladies in the audience. The girls in the audience get to pool in money and the girl who gets the most deafening audience impact wins the pot money. Events like dance contests and bikini opens are regularly held at Pulse.

LED KTV and Bar

led ktv and bar

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This rather large place is located on Corrales Avenue. For those who prefer to just chill out without the large crowds and loud umph-umph-umph dance mixes, here’s a place where you can sing your heart out (and your voice hoarse) and even dance to some tunes. What’s nice about going to a videoke bar is that your family or friends won’t mind if you sing your horse voice hoarse (pun very much intended).

led bar cagayan de oro

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This bar is like an all-in-one entertainment hub with even its own acoustic or live band area, dance club bar, videoke bar, and even a restaurant for those who just want to eat and relax while listening to music. LED is actually considered the most popular videoke bar place in the city and is usually filled to capacity on Fridays up to the weekend. It is also open for reservations for large groups for parties and other occasions.

The Lifestyle District

lifestyle district cdo

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One of the newest night spots in the city and conveniently located on Corrales Avenue Extension in front of the Capitol University. It is an all-in-one awesome nightlife area that is really hot right now, often with the place even filled up during weekdays. This is where the city’s classy and elite party people go for the ultimate party experience while the rest can enjoy the night spot’s other amenities. It comes complete with a videoke venue, restaurants, cafes, bars, dessert hubs, and even live or acoustic bands in the open area at night. It is the ultimate revolutionary concept in the convergence of different lifestyle tastes. Some of the best places inside the district include:

  • Illest Bar
illest bar cagayan de oro

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It’s a drinking lounge, Asian Fusion restaurant, and dance bar all rolled into one. The dance beat mixes and mixed menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is just something to party for. According to the manager, the name is a play on the word, “sickest,” since another word for sick is ill. Get it?

  • Microphone Hero
microphone hero lifestyle district

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Again, for those with no taste to party with large and noisy crowds, here’s a place that’s growing in popularity. This is because the videoke place is set up so that a person singing has to do it on stage (seats and microphones available to sit or for duets) and there are three large screens so that even those with ill-eyesight can see the lyrics.

microphone hero

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And the sound system is first class, with a wide selection of songs. There different room rates based on the size of the videoke rooms. Each room even has a singer or group name like the ABBA room or the Michael Jackson room.

  • Junno Deli Café and Restaurant
junno delicafe

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You might want to really look closely for this one inside the Lifestyle District since it’s located almost at the rear of the area. It’s a nice and cozy place with the ambience of eating in an Italian restaurant, minus the Italian language and the spaghetti. Well, it’s actually a Dutch place but Italian is the first impression that people get. It’s a nice place for intimate settings or small group gatherings just to talk. Aside from the good food, this is probably one of the few places in the city that sells San Miguel Draft Beer and a wide selection of wines. Diet begone, the steaks are actually “to die for.”

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