North Cotabato Governor Arrested – 3 Graft Charges Filed Against Her

North Cotabato Governor Arrested – 3 Graft Charges Filed Against Her

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Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza, the Governor of North Cotabato has been arrested for the 3 graft charges against her.

On April 26, Tuesday, 4 members of the anti-graft court’s First Division affirmed feasible explanation in the complaints filed against her by the Ombudsman.

The charges, however, are bailable at P30,000 for each count, said the court officials.

Mendoza is the key player of the Kidapawan Controversy where the farmers demanded food assistance from her and has been denied that leads to the well-documented inhumane dispersion of the farmers by the Philippine Military.

Aside from this, two weeks ago,the Governor has been filed with corruption charges by the Ombudsman in her unlawful act of releasing P2.4 million worth of government fund to buy 49,526.72 liters of fuel to be used in a two-day road repair project. The process did not go into bidding, thus violating a due process of handling government funds.

To make the matter worst, the owner of Taliño Shell Station, the gasoline station that the Governor bought the hefty amount of gasoline is owned by her own mother.

The Ombudsman dropped the discussion, saying “there was no compelling justification for dispensing with the requirement of public bidding.”

Governor Mendoza is running for reelection this year and these issues can either make or break her campaign moving forward.

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