NPA Killed 2 Farmers Despite Peace Process Revival

NPA Killed 2 Farmers Despite Peace Process Revival

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On Sunday, May 22, around 20 members of the New People’s Army (NPA) killed 2 farmers on a bunkhouse in Negros.

Despite the probable revival of the peace talks between the communist group and the upcoming administration of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte, it did not prevent the raid of the rebels that left 2 farmers dead in Central Luzon.

Military spokeswoman Second Lieutenant Revekka Roperos said that “They sowed terror as part of their extortion strategy against the farmers. Because they did not want to pay, to frighten them they did this inhuman act.”

The communist group’s insurgency is one of Asia’s longest for the record.

Yet, Duterte is optimistic that peace will be achieved once he will be proclaimed as President on June 30. He said, “We share the same vision.”

He also added, “It will be depending on the result of the talks if we can agree together to make this a peaceful country,” answering the question about the group’s amnesty.

Based on military estimates, around 30,000 lives were lost because of the insurgency that spans for around 50 years.

The peace talks have been revived in 2010 but were dismissed in 2013 after Aquino said that the communist group was not sincere on the peace process.

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