Nurse From CDO Attacked By Young Bullies @ Dublin, Ireland: Suffers Fractured Elbow

Nurse From CDO Attacked By Young Bullies @ Dublin, Ireland: Suffers Fractured Elbow

Mga higala! A hardworking nurse from Cagayan de Oro City who is currently working as a frontliner in a hospital in Dublin, Ireland was recently attacked by young bullies (some were around 12 years old) while she was on her way home!

According to reports, the said nurse was on her scooter when she was suddenly stopped and pushed off by one of the said bullies and fell down to the pavement. She then stood up and asked them what they wanted with her but, instead of answering, they decided to back off.

However, the nurse’s elbow hit the ground when she fell and was now in pain. She tried to drive her scooter away from the area but the pain only got worse, leaving her hyperventilating and could not speak.

Thankfully, she reached her apartment and has already called her partner and asked for help. She was then brought to a nearby hospital for immediate medical attention and was x-rayed.

It was then revealed that her elbow was badly fractured and shattered “into fragments”.


(Above is a photo of her injured arm.)

She is now recovering but will not be able to work for around 12 weeks.

This incident happened last November 30, 2020.

Wanna know more? Below is the nurse’s latest Facebook post:

“What happened to me last week was a life-changing event. I will be off from work for weeks and God knows when will I recover. I have my family and a daughter who’s counting on me. It saddens me though that I have not done anything but to work and serve this country during this pandemic to help mostly Irish people, and this is what I get in return. As a foreigner in this country, I felt we are one of the most vulnerable populations who experience this kind of discrimination and abuse.”

“I have been in contact with the Philippine Consulate Dublin and the Crumlin Garda who have shown their utmost support to solve this case. I hope the Irish government would hear us and not turn a blind eye on this.”


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