It’s Official! Rainy Season in the Philippines Has Begun

It’s Official! Rainy Season in the Philippines Has Begun

rainy season

On Tuesday, May 24, PAGASA announced that the country is currently shifting to the wet season from the dry season.

The shift can be determined if there are at least 5 days of rain producing a total amount of 25 millimeters (mm) of rainfall. In these 5 days, there must be at least 3 consecutive days of at least 1 mm of rainfall.

These conditions can be met in the next few days according to PAGASA forecaster Benison Estareja that will signal the state weather bureau to declare the beginning of the rainy season.

The consistent rain in Mindanao is due to the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) while other parts of the country are having isolated thunderstorms.

In connection with this, there are expected 7 to 17 tropical cyclones to hit the Philippines from May to October.

Compared to 2015, there were only 15 tropical storms that entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Two of that, Nona and Onyok, came in at the same time.

The La Niña phenomenon is expected to develop in August while El Niño is expected to end in July. Typhoons during the season of La Niña will not necessarily be stronger, but their recurrence is anticipated to increase.

PAGASA warned the local government units and the public to prepare for the rainy season, as well as La Niña.

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