Outfit Ideas to Hide All Evidence of Bloating

Outfit Ideas to Hide All Evidence of Bloating

It’s only just a couple of weeks into the new year, but since you really chowed down during the Christmas holidays, you’re starting to sport a “tum” or simply that your stomach is bloating from all the weight you gained over the holidays. It’s playfully called the “food baby” because any weight translated from the unsaturated fats you ate over the season is automatically transmitted in the stomach and belly area. Of course, the girls will hate it and the guys will joke about it, and then worry when they get home.

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So, while you make plans and resolutions to lose weight and keep fit, you’re also looking for ways to hide that bloating until you can get back your summer body. Since it’s kind of hard to balance fashion with flattery (not to mention trying to hide your big tummy), here are some ideas that will help you hide your holiday bloating.


The main style rule for taking attention away from a large stomach is to get A-line dresses and designs that loosely drape over the tummy and hips. Take your stomach-skimming cues from celebs like Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, and Christina Aguilera who know how to hide their big tummies.

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A wrap front dress is also a must for your fashion dressing. They draw the eye to your low neckline or cleavage and away from your stomach and have the added power of being able to create a lovely cinched waist.


When it comes to tops, the shape, cut and color can work wonders to hide a large stomach. Peplum tops and blouses that flare from below the bust are best to make a rounded stomach disappear in an instant.

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Don’t go for tight fitting shirts or tops as they will only draw attention to your big tummy. One quick tip to slim your shape and create the illusion of a waist is to play with color blocking. Black and dark blue tops are great at hiding bloating especially those with the low necklines.

Trousers and Pants

The fail-safe trouser choice for hiding a tummy will always be high-waist trousers or pants. If you find this horrible at a time of the tight pants and narrow pant legs, then go ahead and show off your big stomach.

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The added support helps to hide the stomach and creates a lovely silhouette. Go for a narrow cut leg to make your legs look longer.

Shape Wear

A style guide to hiding a rounded stomach will never be complete without covering the most important of all stomach-slender-shaping get ups that we all know as the shape wear.

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As well as your standard Spandex shorts and knickers, try stomach-flattening tights which can support and pull in your tummy and slim your belly as well.

Choosing the Best Fabrics

Avoid elaborately draped fabric in the stomach area and choose pieces with vertical seams instead as they will elongate your body. Fabrics with horizontal lines or seams will make you look bigger. Keep an eye on close-fitting materials like jersey or stretch since they are not very flattering. In addition to that, shiny fabrics like satin, especially in lighter colors, make your stomach look bigger than it is.

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Try avoiding pieces made of 100% viscose as well, as they have the exact same effect. Instead, choose lightweight fabrics like lace or chiffon. They do not add any bulk and are still feminine looking.


Accessories are perfect to accentuate your best parts and distract away from a rounded tummy. If you love your legs then opt for dresses teamed with statement high heels. Stay away from waist belts because they emphasize the middle of the body instead of diverting attention away from it.

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Long pendants and long printed scarves are also great for layering up your look and shifting the focus from your stomach to your styling skills.

Additional Tips for Clothes at Work

Choose knit fabrics such as Ponte that has 4-way stretch and will move and expand with you. Wear dresses instead of pants and skirts with stiffer waistbands and will feel tight and binding. Many dresses may have either a belt you can loosen or nothing grabbing around your tummy. Maxi dresses with gathers will truly hide your tummy. A loose dress or top that blouses over your tummy can be accessorized with a large necklace to draw attention to your face. A loose fitting dress can be paired with either a long scarf to hide your bloat or a tunic top and leggings in stretchy and comfy fabrics.

Look for clothes that are structured in appearance but made from stretch knit fabrics for comfort or have elastic waistbands that you can conceal with a top. Peplum tops may be a good option for X, A and 8 shapes. Don’t forget to accessorize to draw attention up to your face and away from your tummy. As mentioned earlier, the usual thing is a large necklace, but you can be creative and find other ideas like a colorful scarf. Jackets and cardigans in colors are a great way to create long verticals through your torso and hide what’s underneath. Wear a darker color top and bottom and an alternate color jacket to really make your bloat disappear.

And while you’re busy with your outfits, start on the road to flatten back your bloated tummy

Start by being active

If you had a regular exercise regimen before you went into wild eating, go back to exercising. If you don’t have one, hit the road running, Jack.

Don’t make the bloat worse

Time to watch your portions, especially your rice portions, since it’s the carbs that make your tummy big. Time to also stay away from the soda and sugary drinks as well. Avoid overeating like you did during the holidays since this is the biggest contributor to your tummy issue. Start back on the road to more vegetable, protein, and fiber-rich foods.

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