Pane e Dolci Presents: “First Taste” Specialty Coffee Experience on September 6 and 7

Pane e Dolci Presents: “First Taste” Specialty Coffee Experience on September 6 and 7

August 30, 2016 – Cagayan de Oro City – Pane e Dolci, Cagayan de Oro’s prime “Take a Break from the Ordinary” coffee shop and sweet treats, will be holding a special coffee event entitled: “First Taste: Specialty Coffee Experience” on September 6 and 7, 2016 at Pane e Dolci located at 8th and 21st Streets in Nazareth.

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Said event is organized in partnership with Coffee Connects Co., Jack Meets Kaldi, and the Latte Art Philippines (LAP). It is to introduce Kagay-anons to the wonderful taste of SPECIALTY COFFEE by gathering the city’s top and passionate café owners, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts to learn, cup, and brew the new Specialty Coffee. This coffee has been a long standing favorite with international coffee enthusiasts and is now slowly gaining popularity in the Philippines.   


The event will be facilitated by one of the country’s top specialty coffee experts and founder of Latte Art Philippines (LAP), Mr. Mark Neil B. Madrelejos. LAP is a country-wide organization that brings together Baristas from all over the Philippines to help boost their morale to continue making good coffee and to further their learning by exchanging or learning new tradecraft.


The first day of the event will focus on the introduction of Specialty Coffee, an actual manual brewing demonstration and cupping of the finest single origin coffee beans. After this and the coffee tasting, there will be an actual meet and greet with the baristas of Philippine Specialty Coffee.


The second day will focus on the Latte Art and Extraction Wars by Baristas from all over the Philippines. Local Cagayan de Oro baristas and baristas-to-be may also join and participate in this open competition.


For inquiries and information on the Latte Art and Extraction Wars, you can get in touch with Pane e Dolci at 0917-7086271 and 0917-7086272.

“May your pour be in your favour.”

Registration Details

6 September 2016: First Taste: Specialty Coffee Experience

BARISTA- Php 400.00
CAFÉ OWNER/S- Php 950.00

7 September 2016: Latte Art and Extraction Wars

Extraction Battle – Php 300.00
Latte Art Throwdown – Php 400.00

How to Make Payments and Contact Information

Please make your payment thru the Pane e Dolci Co. BPI Account (2013-0031-68). Email deposit slip to or PM to

For further inquiries, please contact MARK LACUESTA at 0917-674-0831 or call 088 323 2869, or visit Pane e Dolci at 8th-21st Sts., Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City

About Pane e Dolci

The name is pronounced, Pan-ee Dul-chee, and sylvannas is the main product of Pane e Dolci. Though the coffee shop has other products like cakes and brownies, they now serve meals for lunch and dinner.

They are the first to bake and sell real sylvannas in Cagayan de Oro. They are also the first and only outlet to feature sylvannas in different flavors like nutella, classic (salted butter cream), ube, chocolate, peanut butter, and red velvet. They are now located at their new outlet at  8th and 21st Streets in Nazareth.




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