Patient 6783 Is From Brgy. Camaman-an

Patient 6783 Is From Brgy. Camaman-an

Mga higala! In today’s press conference, Mayor Oscar Moreno disclosed that Patient 6783, who was confirmed COVID-19 positive on April 23 but died last April 18, is from Brgy. Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro City!

According to their initial investigation, the patient has no history of travel, and contact tracing has identified over 30 individuals who had close contact with him, 16 of which are his family members.

The said individuals are now under quarantine and are being monitored.

However, no community or local transmission has been detected yet.

Mayor Moreno is urging residents at Camaman-an, particularly those at the Pinikitan area, to #StayAtHome to avoid the risks of contracting the coronavirus disease.

For more details, watch the live video below (16:30 and 35:00):

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