Experience the Benefits and Learn All About the Beauty of Permanent Makeup with Permallure

Experience the Benefits and Learn All About the Beauty of Permanent Makeup with Permallure

A woman’s beauty is unique, there are billions of them all over the world, but not two of them are alike, even twins. Each has a different characteristic, a rare trait, or a fragment of something amazing which sets them apart. But, they are also similar with the fact that they give their time and effort to stay beautiful for the sake of themselves and for their loved ones.


Permallure Studio inside Flora’s Salon and Spa.

Mga higala, all these and more have been embodied by Permallure, which offers permanent makeup with other beauty services and training.

If you haven’t heard of it, Permallure is a rare beauty establishment in Cagayan de Oro City owned by Ms. Ranna Escudero-Ong, a beautiful businesswoman, and a budding fashion designer. She is an International Cosmetic Derma-pigmentation Artist, certified in the USA, Europe, and Asia who completed 4 courses in Permanent Make-up, here in the Philippines and abroad.


Ms. Ranna and her certificates.

But wait, there’s more! She is also a registered Nurse by profession who graduated from Liceo De Cagayan University which makes her more qualified than anyone else in the city.

After finishing her studies, she worked in the corporate world as a Premier Sales Manager and Consultant in Metro Manila. As times passed, she realized that her heart lingers in her passion for beauty and learned that shaping eyebrows is so time-consuming just to get an on-point look.


We also took a picture of her performing the micro-blading process.


Tools: (from left) Permanent Makeup Machine, Microblading Tool, Permallure Aftercare Protectant Cream, Eyebrow Compass.

This gave birth to Permallure three (3) years ago. From then on, she has been providing beauty services and training locally and in abroad.

Interested? Check out the Promotional Offers by Permallure below:

Microblading. A semi-permanent eyebrow detailing service, which will be personally performed by Ms. Ranna Escudero-Ong with her medical grade equipment.

  1. Gives clients waterproof and sweatproof eyebrows, perfect for summer.
  2. Hairstroke appearance/natural looking brows. Good for clients with sparse brows.
  3. Fades in a few months to 3 years, results depending on skin condition, aftercare, and lifestyle (sun exposure, etc)
  4. Manual and intricate method of applying semi-permanent cosmetics
  5. Best results if client religiously follows aftercare instructions (complete healing is  after 1 month)
  6. Medical grade USA & EU FDA APPROVED Topical anesthetics and pigments are used for a comfortable 2-hour procedure
  7. FREE CONSULTATION to determine if the client is a good candidate for the cosmetic procedure.
  8. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (no walk-ins because the artist has other businesses and also caters to clients within Misor and Caraga).
  9. Wake up with makeup! Say goodbye to the hassle and time-consuming shaping and drawing of eyebrows every morning.

Promo Rates:

MICROBLADING (hair stroke) – P6,000
Inclusive of 1 free touch up within 2 months, aftercare instructions copy and protectant cream.


Before and After Micro-blading.


Healed eyebrows, 7 weeks after the micro-blading.

POWDERED BROWS (Shading) – P4,000

Inclusive of aftercare instructions copy and protectant cream.


Powdered Brows.


inclusive of 1 free touch up within 2 months, aftercare instructions copy and protectant cream.


The combination of Micro-blading and Powdered Brows.

  1. Training. An additional service offered by Ms. Ranna to help those who want to build a career and for beauty-passionate business owners who wanna upgrade their salon. This will also help anyone gain a career which will let them set their own working hours with an unlimited earning potential.
  2. P40,000: with a starter kit, certificate, and lifetime online support.
  3. Accepts one-on-one training.
  4. She is also knowledgeable in teaching due to her active involvement in her family’s Technical Vocational Institution.
  5. As a businesswoman herself, she will also coach you on entrepreneurship.

What are you waiting for higala? Don’t miss this chance from a beauty expert herself! Their studio is located inside FLORA’S SALON AND SPA at Pabayo-JR Borja Street. But appointment booking is only available via a message on their Permallure Facebook Page @ facebook.com/permallure or you can contact them with the number: 0917-707-5017. You can also visit Permallure on Instagram.

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