Philippine Army Condemns NPA for their Barbaric and Inhumane Acts to 4 Soldiers

Philippine Army Condemns NPA for their Barbaric and Inhumane Acts to 4 Soldiers

Last week in Monkayo, Compostela Valley Province, the New People’s Army (NPA) mutilated the soldiers who died in combat, this made the ARMY criticize these rebels.

4 mutilated soldiers


Army’s 10th Infantry Division spokesperson, Captain Rhyan Batchar said that there are four soldiers who died during the battle and two of them were disfigured according to an autopsy.

Wounds were found on the bodies of Corporal Jimmy M. Bayta Jr. and Private First Class Rolen Roy C. Sarmiento. According to the autopsy conducted by medico-legal officer Police Chief Inspector Raleigh Herbert Gange Ampuan, multiple gunshot wounds, head, thorax and abdomen, and right thigh incised wound, neck (transecting and fracturing the larynx and the thyroid cartilage) were found on Bayta’s body. And multiple gunshot wounds-head, thorax, and right arm (thru & thru); hacked wounds to the head and neck were the cause of Sarmiento’s death.

Corporal Gilmar C. Mapa who died in the incident also suffered from terrible injuries but the family requested not to have him autopsied.

Batchar stated, “We condemn to the highest degree itong ginawa ng NPA sa ating mga kasundaluhan. We are celebrating this month the International Humanitarian law, pero our troops have to suffer the barbaric and inhumane acts of the NPA.”

The ARMY still supports peace talks but they would still press charges against NPA rebels. Batchar said, “We hope that this incident will not derail the peace talks between the government and the CPP-NPA-NDF. We are all Filipinos.”

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