Philippine Jeepney Issue Finds Irony In Unexpected Places

Philippine Jeepney Issue Finds Irony In Unexpected Places

A Philippine Jeepney “Lodi Motors” flies as Wonder Woman wares the enemies off. Art by: Carlo Pagulayan


It is pretty ironic (or wittily intentional) that just as the rounds of news spread regarding the phasing out of old jeepneys flood the news feeds of every filipino nationwide, a symbolic scene from one of the latest Wonder Woman Comic Issue shows a Jeepney (perhaps that of the enemy) flying from the ground due to the force imposed by Wonder Woman.

This is symbolic in many ways because it represents the upcoming changes that the country will experience in relation to the modernization of our public transports.

As said, the imposing of modernization thru careful and gradual phasing out of substandard and aged public transports (especially jeepneys) are set to be scheduled as early as the first week of 2018.

As expected, different views and opinions circulate with the matter as people show their sentiments to those who are heavily affected (drivers) in terms of their day to day lives as phasing out of some (or many) of the old units might cause them their jobs as well, but others also see the positive side of modernization. A vision of a cleaner, perhaps safer, and a more efficient road experience for the country.

Whatever the future brings, let us all just embrace the idea of our country having a wider room for further improvements, and let us all aim at figuring out the best directions to take – whether it be thru walking or transport –  to achieve betterment of our lives. .

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